Last call for clubs!

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If you had an inkling to hope on board the Mad Geek Tour and take a trip through time and space with the Doctor and his companions, or investigate the wildly interesting world of Steampunk inspired design, books, and shows, now is the time to click that link and get your “ticket”.  Sign-ups for these two clubs will close the end of the day Sunday, Jan. 6th.  Jessalu has even had a Doctor Who fabric specially designed for Mad Geek Tour only.  I am so stinking excited for this!  And I love the theme we have chosen for the Steampunk bags –I think you will all love it!

I have had a few people ask if the yarns and bags will be repeated over different rounds, and the answer is a definite “No.”  Jan-March colors for Doctor Who will not be repeated in April-June, nor will anything from this past round of “Into the Black” be repeated when that ‘verse is revisited in July-Sept.  The bags will also always be something new to club, and to Jess.  (I may offer these colorways up for general sale in the future, but not for at least a year from the time it was featured in the club.  There is no guarantee, however, that a colorway will ever be available again.)

In other exciting news,  I now will carry, from time to time, self-striping yarn.  Figuring a workable way to do this for production, using the equipment I have available to me, has been my nemesis, but I have finally made it work and couldn’t be happier.  It is somewhat labor intensive, but I love stripes.  This last month of club shipments (Geek-Fairytale, Geek-Into the Black, and Posse) were all self-striping.  Wanna see?

Fairytale Club – “Into the Woods”

Geek Tour Dec.2012 Fairytale Into the Woods

Into the Black – “Washburne”

picture used with permission from club member Paula on Ravelry

Mad Color Posse – “Over the Rainbow”

Over the Rainbow

Self-Striping yarn, dyed in two matching 200yard skeins, exclusively for Mad Color Posse

I’ve been working with a Wizard of Oz theme with the Mad Color Posse, and I will be continuing that for a few more months.  Land of Oz was my favorite movie from my childhood, and holds some of my favorite and happiest memories of the time I spent with my grandparents, so I am really looking forward to doing the theme justice, and with the new Oz movie coming out in March, I think it  will be a lot of fun to become reacquainted with Oz.  I hope you come along!



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  1. Megan says:

    Darn it! I missed out on the clubs! I just stumbled on to this site by clicking your ad on Ravelry. Browncoat, steampunk, and whovian yarns sound awesome!

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