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Travel the Whedonverse with Mad Geek Tour

You’re gonna come with us. – Kaylee, Firefly, Episode 1, Serenity

Time to book your passage once again on the Mad Geek Tour as we travel to the far reaches of the Whedonverse in our “Joss is Boss” round. We will visit three as yet undisclosed “destinations” with colors inspired by the many worlds created by Joss Whedon*, rounded out, of course, with a fabulous themed bag from Stitched by JessaLu in which to keep your souvenirs.  Be sure to grab your spot before bay doors close on April 18th!

Veteran Tour-ists will note a change in the way club rounds are listed. Each round now has it’s own separate listing, and will remain open until the posted date or until the round has sold out, whichever occurs first. It is my hope this will simplify the process for everyone.

Since we know travel is always more fun when we’ve got good friends along, Mad Color would like to extend the chance to earn 10% off a future Geek Tour round of your choice when you refer a friend to the club. Just have your friend mention in the notes at check-out that it was YOU who set them on their journey, and we’ll send you a personalized coupon code to use on your next membership round.

* Please note – due to Mad Color’s ongoing partnership resulting in the Dizzy Color Sunnydale Yarn club, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel will not be represented in this round.

Mad Color Posse declares the Year of the B.A.M.F. (Badass Magnificent Females)!

Mad Color Fiber Arts is declaring 2016 as the Year of the B.A.M.F! (Be sure to read through to the end to see how YOU can win 3 months of Mad Color Posse!)

posse muppeets2

This year, rather than, visiting multiple themes, Mad Color Posse* will honor one super strong and amazingly badass woman from pop-culture each month. With outstanding characters like Carol, Michonne, and Maggie from the Walking Dead, the fabulous women of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Rey from Star Wars: the Force Awakens, Jessica Jones (all just a few of my recent favorites), and so many many more, the hardest part will be narrowing the field down to only twelve!

To celebrate this noble mission, Mad Color is giving you the chance to win 3 months of the Posse FREE. To be eligible for the drawing, share this post via Facebook or Twitter and then head to the Mad Color Facebook page and post a copy of the link in the comments (here) by January 31st. Drawing will be held on February 1st. Be sure to also leave me the name of your favorite B.A.M.F.! (If the winner is already a Posse member, their account will be “suspended” for their next 3 scheduled payments; refunds will not be issued for months already paid.)

*Mad Color Posse is a monthly subscription yarn and fiber club. To join in on the fun, subscribe in the shop under the Club category by the 20th of the month in which you wish to begin your subscription (a Paypal account is required for the subscription). Payments made after the 20th of the month will apply to the following month’s shipment. You can cancel at anytime through your Paypal account – the control is yours.

(yarn pictured are representatives from Mad Color Posse 2015 – “Muppetational”. From left to right Mahna Mahna, It’s Not Easy Being Green, Per-cus-sion!, The Great Gonzo, The Divine Miss P))

Shop Small Saturday!

To thank all of you, my amazing customers, club members, friends, and followers who support this small business, and in honor of Shop Small Saturday, use coupon code THNKFL2015 to receive 20% off your entire purchase from the Mad Color Online shop. Offer excludes clubs, Dye to Order, Gift Certificates and Clearance items. Good from November 28 – December 4.

Also, receive a free hand-made-by-me Dumpling Pouch with Stitch Marker Set with your purchase of $40 or more (amount calculated after applicable discounts; does not include shipping). Offer good November 28th – December 4th. One free gift per order. (Selection will be random. You are welcome to leave a color preference in the notes during checkout, and I will do my best to honor it, but I cannot guarantee selection.)


Geek Tour Sign-ups close October 15th 

Sign up now for the Mad Geek Tour’s Hobbit inspired round!

Sign ups are open in the shop now until October 15th for the final round of 2015, shipping October – December. This part of the tour will be inspired by the classic Tolkein novel as well as the movies it inspired.
You can also grab your spot now for upcoming tours.

January 2016 – March 2016 will join the search for the Holy Grail in the Monty Python inspired “What is Your Quest?”

April 2016 – June 2016 will travel the many worlds of Joss Whedon (Buffy-verse excluded).

Summer sale!


“Those who arrive, survive…”

The Mad Geek Tour “Claimed!” round (inspired by A&E’s “The Walking Dead” and it’s related world) is now open!  Join our group as we prepare (most colorfully) for the zombie apocalypse.  Is October here yet???


(Oh man, just looking at this picture gives me anxiety!)

Shop update!

A super-quick, but very heartfelt, THANK YOU to all the folks who stopped by to see me on Saturday and Fiber Revival.  I’ll get some pictures up of the fun tomorrow, and let you know just what has been brewin’ here at Mad Color.  But for now, the shop is open! (A few products are still in need of pictures, but fear not — they will be done tomorrow as well.)  I have some great kits to photo and list for you as well, so check back soon!

Until then, gaze upon a few of my favorite new colorways (they all can be found in the shop).

SW Merino Nylon Summer Lovin' Wensleydale Storm Surge AllAmerican_Nautical Mile Whim Storm Front Whim Farmhouse Kitchen Organic Polwarth_TinRoof

In order — Summer Lovin’, Storm Surge, Nautical Mile, Storm Front, Farmhouse Kitchen, and Tin Roof.

As You Wish…

Your wish is our command….


Sign ups are now open for the As You Wish (Princess Bride inspired) round of the Mad Geek Tour!

Use this link to go directly to the listing page and make your selections for the coming year.  The new themes have been added, and they are…

July, August, September 2014 – Marvel-ous (inspired by Marvel superheroes, comics, movies, TV, etc.)

October, November, December 2014 – Claimed! (be sure to get your Zombie Apocalypse inspired yarn before it has all been claimed. Walking Dead inspired club.)

January, February, March 2015 – Where no color has gone before… (Star Trek inspired; could include classic Trek, all spin-offs, and/or new Trek)

April, May, June – Baker Street (inspired by the BBC’s version of Sherlock)

You may also notice there are new options added to the listing.  JessaLu, because she loves you all so much, asked me to include options for the type of bag you would like and has included her new wonderful wedge bags in the mix.  If you had previously signed up for As You Wish and would like to take advantage of the new options, just send me an e-mail or PM and I’ll take care of that for you.

Lastly, the shipment schedule has changed slightly. Regular (non-bag) shipments will now be mailed out by the 25th of the month, with the final shipment which includes the bag to be shipped by last day of the final month of the round. This is being done to make life a little easier for Jess, taking into consideration her shop and production schedule.

As always, please accept our gratitude for taking this ride with us.  We hope you are all having as much fun as we are!

Your not-entirely-intrepid tour guides,
Heather and Jess

So many skeins in the air

Lots and lots of amazing and wonderful things going on around here, far too much to put in one post.  What you do need to know right now is that sign-ups are presently open (and will be until  Oct. 6th or until all spaces are filled) for the “Down the Rabbit Hole” Wonderland themed round of the Mad Geek Tour, and our “Into the Black” round is wrapping up.  I can’t wait to see the bags for these two!  I’ve been very negligent in posting club colorways (and am really working on that!), and thought I’d share what i have from our last “Doctor Who?” round.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics of the May colorway, “Church at Auvers”, but TammyG has a great pic in her stash, and jench24’s Spaced Check socks and kmckee623’s Doctor Who Skew socks are fantastic!  I really loved all the colorways for this round.  I have even very nearly finished a pair of socks from the final colorway, “The Fall of the Eleventh”.


And the socks (or one sock, anway)…

GEEK TOUR POSSE 2013 011The other is just a few inches from done.

And finally, our April colorway was very definitely one of my favorites, and I cvannot say the name without that oh-so-wonderful accent, “Life is Short, and You Are Hot”.  Sigh.  I love that Billy Shipton.


I have more projects to show you in the days to come, and come fabulous colorways to reveal from the Mad color Posse, as well as a bit more info on my upcoming Sunnydale club-collab with Laura/KnottyLa from Dizzy Blonde (pre-reg here) so check back soon!

You can’t fight science (with possible spoilers!)

The Jan.-March round of the Mad Geek Tour  has finished , and all packages have either arrived at their destinations, or should be there shortly.  (If you haven’t gotten your package and want to be surprised, look away and come back when you have it!)  We visited two themes this round — Doctor Who? and Steampunk.

For the Doctor Who round, I had more ideas than months to work with, but for Steampunk, things were a bit tougher.  My color aesthetic is a bit bolder than what folks typically expect from Steampunk, and I wanted to honor that but also balance it with the colors that I think many folks come to me for.  For January, I created Verdigris, inspired by beautiful aged copper,

and for February I took a more mythical inspiration and created Beware the Kraken, which I just love, and I hope was a bit fun and unexpected in a good way.

For the Whovians, I started the round off with Medusa Cascade.

I find it so hard to choose between Doctors and companions — I love them all! — and so I chose to work with the beauty of space itself.  This particular bit oI could not resist, however, putting the spotlight on Rory — MY Rory, as he is known in my household — for the February shipment.  Oh, if ever a girl could have a perfect Valentine, wouldn’t Rory be it?  I give you, The Last Centurion.

I had the colorways for both clubs for March planned for many months.  I knew I wanted them to be special, and sought out the perfect base yarn and fiber (I had to have the companion fiber!).  I dyed them, re-dyed some of the Steam colors as I just wasn’t very satisfied, and put them to dry and ran off to work a five day show.  When I returned to label and prepare the yarns/fibers for delivery I very nearly hyperventilated when I discovered that my sooper speshul yarns and fibers had been rendered rather flat and un-speshul.  The problem?  I was using a blend with a sparkling metallic fiber — an aluminum coated poly fiber — that I had chosen to give the colorways their shining quality.  The shine was GONE.  The metallic coating had been stripped from the poly fiber, leaving a faint twinkle (such as from Angelina) behind, but not the stunning shine I had been yearning for.  Why did this happen?  Well, there is a reason dyers don’t use aluminum pans.  Citric acid eats away at aluminum.  Apparently, my normal process of soaking the yarns I an acid solution and leaving them to cool to be rinsed the next day was too much exposure for the aluminum coating, and it simply disolved away. I hurriedly re-dyed new batches of yarn for the entire club, minimizing the acid exposure, and was rewarded with yarns that retained their lovely sparkle (although it is nearly impossible to show in photos).  I give you Petrichor 

and Clockwork.

I hope you all loved them!

As a consequence, there will be a fair amount of Petrichor and Clockwork in it’s more subtle form in the Extra!Extra! section of the shop for member purchase at a reduced price, as well as some over-dyed colors, also reduced, in the main shop in the coming days.  It is still a lovely yarn and fiber — 63% superwash merino/20%silk/10%nylon/2%sparkling poly fiber — but just was not what I had wanted it to be.

Also shipped this month were the amazing bags created for you by Jessalu —

The Doctor Who print is exclusive to us, as it reads Mad Geek Tour in Gallifreyan! (!!!) and was a first run design by the amazing fabric designer.  I also love love love the Steampunk bags — another first to Jess, but I hope not the last time she will use it.  I think it is a perfect pairing of fabric to bag.  I don’t even want to use mine!  I want to keep it in its perfectly pristine condition forever.

The new round of the Mad Geek Tour – another round of the Doctor – is presently open for sign-ups, and will be open until April 14.  Come along!



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