I am soooo happy to announce that A Crafty Kat has found a NEW NAME! Some have asked me why, and all I can say is that A Crafty Kat was used in haste and it just never felt “right” to me. Encouraged by my knit-folk at Manchvegas I pondered and mused and it hit me… Sereknity! After all, that is what knitting and fiber arts have come to be to me — a peaceful moment, a respite from a complicated world, a retreat to simplicity. Since A Crafty Kat was destroyed in what shall forever forth be known as the Great Server Crash of 2006, followed immediately by the HaHa,We Got Your Backup,Too,Tragedy I felt it was fate. So, over the next month or so, the web-site will become a much more professional and user friendly place (all of your old links will still work, btw, web-master-hubby-man is handling that). I am also looking to make this something of a co-operative, although I’m not entirely sure yet how to work it. I would love to hear from other artisans interested in placing products on Please contact me if you think you might want to join me in this venture! I am really ready to take this to the next level.
Also on that note, I will be making some exciting changes to my current products. I will now be making my own needles upon which to create my Knittles polymer clay knitting needles. I am working with both oak and maple right now and am very pleased with the results! I will also be adding hand-painted fiber to the line of hand-dyed items and will soon be previewing a new name for my hand-painted, super-wash sock yarn. (Yes, I really am into names!) One more exciting tidbit? (Well, at least it is to me!) I made a warping board today and will be dying the first skeins of self-striping yarn tomorrow! The colorways will be Backshore, in honor of my hometown of Gloucester, MA, and Goody Gumdrops, a rainbow stripe. They will both be put up for sale in the etsy shop, provided my little Ladybug doesn’t see the rainbow yarn! Could get nasty…lol. I will post pictures tomorrow. Have a great one, and thanks for sticking by me through all the madness. The wheels are turning for a contest soon as a great big THANK YOU, so please stay posted! lovingly, your favorite Yarnophiliac

OH! PS — Please keep my dear little bro, Jason, in your prayers today and always. It is his 21st birthday, and he is spending it bravely doing his duty for our country in Iraq. Jay — I miss you, love you, and salute you. XOXOXOXO

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  1. Nichole says:

    Happy Birthday Jason — a true hero!
    Can’t wait to see that Backshore yarn! 🙂

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