OK — I am totally psyched! (To the point that I just went on record as saying “totally psyched”.) Gina of Sleepy Eyes Knitting began knitting with my Goody Gumdrops self-striping yarn and blogged about it and look!…

is that not the COOLEST? I am thrilled w/ how it is turning out — and that Gina is so happy w/ it. Seriously, go read her blog. I’m blushing.

Inspired by Jackie , I have begun designing a fingerless mitt pattern of my own — my first official pattern which I will put up free once it is done. I hope to put together some kits with the pattern, hand-dyed yarn, and hand-crafted double-points to sell in the Sereknity store. I say it is inspired by Jackie because it never occurred to me to use my yarns for anything other than socks, but she plans to make mitts w/ her skein of GoodyGumdrops dyed in sport weight. Here is my design so far — I should have it done by tomorrow. (And I actually took notes on this one, unlike the sock pattern I am working on!!)

In some disappointing news, not only did I have to frog the turned heel and flap of my BBS — goodness only knows what I did to the poor thing — but I have run out of yarn for the hood of Jacob’s Wallaby and, bein a discontinued yarn in a very …ummm…different…color (I love it for Jacob, but seriously, how many people are really going to buy Kelly green these days?) I haven’t a shot in hell of finding another ball in any color, let alone the same dye lot. I’ll be ripping back and making a nice ribbed collar in the next few days.

Now, if you are one of those bloggers/readers who is a bit sick of pet-antic pictures, you may depart now and no hard feelings, but for all others, here is Mouse, defying science…

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5 Responses to HOW COOL IS THIS?

  1. Nichole says:

    I am LOVING the gooey gumdrops as Gina is knitting it up – GORGEOUS! Can not wait to see your handcrafted needles… and the fingerless glove looks gorgeous! I just have one question – HOW do you find the time??? HOW? Do share! lol

  2. yarnophiliac says:

    Hehehe…you haven’t seen my house — what a state!! lol

  3. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Wow, wow!!! Can’t believe that kitty is eating Twizzlers. (it’s Ian’s favorite, too) I do LOVE the yarn and I’m excited to see your pattern for fingerless mitts! I’ll be the first to make them! Well, besides you, of course. You are amazing!

  4. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Oh, forgot to say that I totally understand about being so close to the end of knitting a project and running out of yarn…I’m SO the Queen of No More Yarn. Think STR socks for Ian, Booga Bag, etc. The list goes on and on. Hope you get it finished…it’s looking lovely and Jacob looks cute as a button in it!

  5. Yarn on The Brain says:

    hey Yarnophiliac – super cute kitty! i cringed a bit when i saw your message and hoped that you didn’t try to come to the shop on sunday or monday – we took advantage of our last free weekend before fall yarn servitude started and bolted to vt.
    hope you had fun in naples despite weather –

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