I’m almost done w/ my 1st pair of BBS!!!!!!

Can I hear a “whoop whoop”?!?! Finally a very LOOOONG combined 50 inches later, I am finishing my toe decreases on Sock #2. I hope to get hubby to model them tonight, after I kitchener the toes. HOORAY! Well in time for the Oct. deadline, too. I know it is only one pair, but I will keep knitting and sending more, although my next pair will be for my Jason. Hope to hear from him soon as well — just sent him a package w/ a bunch of neck coolers and I am wondering how they will work for him.
(Actually loosely modeled by me — kitchener still to come.)

In other knitting progress, I am on the final stretch of my ZigZagger sock, as modeled here by my rather cold feet (Sereknity Sock Options Gothic Rose colorway). This will be the only lonesome sock knit — I need to save the rest of the skein to finish my gauntlets — but had to knit it to write the pattern. My feet are begging for me to knit them some socks, tho, as I only have ONE PAIR OF HANDKNIT SOCKS AND THEY ARE TOO GLORIOUS FOR WORDS. My children have more than I do! This will definately be my next cast-on.

I had actually cast on a few pair recently, but I have been in a major ripping out phase. I cast on Jaywalkers w/ BlackPearl Lorna’s Laces — ribbit! Couldn’t get jazzed about the colorway after working on the Big Black Socks. Then I cast-on in lovely red Baby Ul to knit Studio Socks found in a 2005 Cast On Mag. Ribbit! I kept making silly mistakes in the lace — think I was missing yarn-overs — that I will write off to the nasty head-cold I had. Lemme see, what else? I have decided to frog the pink angora scarf I started to re-cast with larger needles to accentuate the lace — yeah, I have about a foot and a half done of that — into the frog pond!! And lastly, and not too significantly, I frogged the original ZigZag sock begun w/ Angora Valley Monarch Sock Yarn in favor of using my own so as to get the correct guage for Sereknity yarn.

Projects in the queu? A Rogue Sweater for me, and a Debbie Bliss Jacket for Rachel.
I bought 20 balls of Debbie Bliss Merino Aran at Webs when I travelled to see Miss Stephanie, and should have plenty left over to make an adult sweater as well. The Rogue will be done in this FANASTIC 100% wool yarn by Universal I purchased at A Knitter’s Garden — isn’t it gorgeous? And so soft — comparable to Cascade 220 in weight and price and much softer, too.

On the business end, my warping board bit-the-bullet today after I convinced it, with much cajolling and cursing, to hold a full pound of fingering weight merino superwash. Yup. 1lb. 2240 yrds. It wasn’t happy. So, after this big batch of Goody Gumdrops, I won’t be able to do any stripes for a few weeks, until I get a sturdy permanent board built. (The last was made from scraps and too-thin dowels, so no real surprise, just a bummer.) I’ll be dyeing again tomorrow, and hope to get last week’s items listed in the shop — I also am working on a new batch of needles, including DPN’s for a few new kits. I’ll post pics of all the colorways soon. Hubby threatened to give me “hours” for work soon — I was still working at the warping board when HE called ME to dinner. Ooops! Guess I’ll have to start behaving myself.

Like that’ll happen.

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2 Responses to I’m almost done w/ my 1st pair of BBS!!!!!!

  1. Nichole says:

    Can’t wait to see your finished zig zag sock! Congrats on finishing the 1st of many pairs of BBS I know you’ll knit!!! And the yarn you picked for both your sweater and Rachel’s jacket are GORGEOUS!!!!
    So you frogged the bunny yarn scarf? I haven’t thought about casting on yet – tips??

  2. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Oh, you must be so happy that the socks are almost done! I LOVE your new sock pattern! Can’t wait to make some myself. Your Debbie Bliss yarn is a beautiful color…I love it…lucky duck that Rachel of yours! Maybe we should do a Rogue-along! I know Ericka wanted to knit one, too. Do you have a copy of the pattern you can share?? Bummer with your self striping board. Mine is in the garage…waiting for me patiently to use it again : P

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