So what has Heather been doing …

…’cause I know you want to know…
TONS of stuff. We were camping (yes, again) this past weekend, but I have still managed to get quite a bit done. My fingerless mitt pattern (I think it will be called Smocked Gauntlets)is nearly completed and I am working it up in the Gothic Rose colorway of my sport weight super-wash merino yarn with my own HAND-CARVED, HAND-FINIHED DPNs. They work great! I am so proud of myself. Although I will be listing the pattern on-line for free, I plan to package the DPNs, pattern, yarn, and mostlikely stitch markers in a kit for sale in the Sereknity store. The new site should be up and running soon, and by Christmas I hope to have a number of local products listed under the Ewe-niquely New England heading. I am hoping to profile a different artist each month and am really looking for some of my girls (eh-hem — I think you know who you are) to come on board! I am also hoping to feature some wonderful soy candles produced be a friend of mine — they are so yummy, you would die. As I write, I am enjoying the delightful aroma of Wildberry Zinger Tea. O. M. G. You have no idea how sinful this is. mmmmm.
I have also been working on some new beaded, hand-carved needles featuring swarovski crystal accents. My first batch of sz 10.5 needles were made with oak, and while I love the woodgrain in these, I think I am going to use maple in the future. I used maple for the DPN’s and love how soft and satiny they feel while knitting. Some of the needles and items in progress are pictured below — like my rudimentary sanding set-up? may not look like much, but it works like a charm! I should have these needles listed in the etsy boutique before the weeks end.

I haven’t gotten too much done on the sewing front this week, other than a boat load of neck coolers to send to Jason and his unit in Iraq. I took a break from my BBS for this, too. I was thrilled to get e-mails to the kids from him today. They sent him e-mails last week when my little guy, out of the blue while we were all watching cartoons says, “Mommy, I miss Uncle Jason.” So I offered immediately if they wanted to write, and of course they did. Here are my monkeys reaching out across the terrible miles.

THANK GOODNESS for the internet. He had me kind of freaked b/c he took so long to reply, but apparently everything is OK.
I have some more great pictures to post tomorrow, including a gorgeous rainbow from the lake, but can’t find the USB cord today, so it will have to wait.
OK __ BACK TO WORK! lol…less than 2 hrs. b4 I get the boy!

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3 Responses to So what has Heather been doing …

  1. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Heather, you are the Queen of Many Beautiful Crafts….I LOVE the new needles…can’t wait to see them in person. Your fingerless mitts are coming out SUPER and I will be making my own pair as soon as you dish out the pattern. I think everyone in MVK should make them, don’t you??? Hugs!

  2. yarnophiliac says:

    I’d be so honored if MVK makes the mitts! Almost done — last few rows of ribbing, then finish the thumb.

    i’llbring copies tomorrow night!

  3. Nichole says:

    Gina is right – you are THE crafty queen! I hope you remember us all when you become super duper famous! lol 🙂 I’m in line to make the fingerless mitts too!!!!
    Can not wait to see the needles…
    And so cool to see the kids reading Uncle Jason’s emails 🙂

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