Feast your eyes…

Isn’t it just fiberlicious? (notice my cute little doggie in the bottom corner?)I started dyeing as soon as the kids headed off to school and NEVER STOPPED — not to eat, not to pee, nada — until Rachel walked through the door at 3:20 (Daddy met her at the bus stop — sheesh! what kinda mom do u think I am? lol) Feeling kinda giddy about all the work I got done, although that could be the wool and dye fumes. Hubby says the house was “ripe”. Not really a fan. hehehe — I probably was, too! As you can see, still had my pj’s on at 4pm! Ya know how it is when you just get on a roll?

A fair portion of these yarns will be going to Lis of Yarn Botanika for the new One Planet shop which should be up and running soon. I’m so excited to be included in this venture! I’ll be putting together some polymer Knittles today on my own hand-carved needles to send, as well as fill an order for llama needles. Once the yarn has dried, been re-skeined and photoed, there will be a big etsy shop update that will include a few sock kits, sock bag and marker sets, and both beaded crystal needles and polymer topped needles. We’re getting there folks! Got my new camera, too, so I am hoping to be able to get some top notch photos with it and the lighting studio. Now if only the Sereknity web-site were ready…
Have I mentioned how my darling little Mouse likes to get in the middle of all my projects? I swear she was a crafter in a former life, I mean, SERIOUSLY, what is up with this? Here she is while winding yarn,

dyeing yarn,

and drying yarn.


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6 Responses to Feast your eyes…

  1. YogaGardenGirl says:

    LOVE those pictures! Oh, that fiber is AMAZING!!! Is it pinks, purples and whites?? Hope you’ll be bringing your fibers to knitting sometime soon!! OH, btw, I forgot to give you the $ for the sock yarn. Can I give it to you when I see you for the angora day? Or I can mail it to you…oh, I wish I was there to roll in that yarn!!!

  2. Nichole says:

    So, um, if ya happen to see a short being running through your backyard, um, it may just be me trying to steal some of that lucious yarn! GORGEOUS! And is that a pink bow on little Mooshi (did I spell that right?)? What a great helper Mouse is… ha! Let me know when you might have time to work up 3 Doggy Yarn… Nice PJs 🙂

  3. Gigi says:

    Wow! That’s A LOT of lovely yarn! Are you still standing? I hope you bring some to Wednesday night. I bet we can buy you out again! 😀

  4. Kendra says:

    Ok, so now I know the TRUE reason that you had your porch built….

  5. YarnB says:

    WOW, what a wonderful porch! I wish I had something like that. I can’t wait to get your box of stuff. What if i just disappeared off into the sunset with all this fiber and yarn people are sending us?? HAHAHA Just kidding!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Stunning as usual!! did i see some purple & blue??? as her eyes light up.. 😉

    You are bringing samples on Wed – aren’t you? Can’t wait to see the latest


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