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Holiday Fun

OMG…This made me LAUGH! Found it over on Julie Noolie’s blog… You Are The Stuffing You’re complicated and complex, yet all your pieces fit together.People miss you if you’re gone – but they’re not sure why. What Part of Thanksgiving … Continue reading

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Of Planets, Prizes, and "Peds"

The long awaited shop opening of One Planet Yarn and Fiber has finally arrived! This is a wonderful new shop in part run by the folks at Yarn Botanika that will feature items from all parts of the globe and … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Etsy, Etsy, Etsy… Talk amongst yourselves! The question? Is it kosher to knit on the toilet? Discuss.

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A few new things…

Been doing a bit of knitting, a bit of spinning, some designing, and lots and lots of PRODUCTION for Sereknity. Wouldn’t you know that I finally got the hang of my new camera and lighting studio, got enough product to … Continue reading

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"Don’t even MENTION transvestites or I’ll get pregnant!"

Ahhhhhh, the delightful sound of drunken knitters, hign on jello-shots and yarn fumes with nowhere to go. This was an actual quote form Lora — I just had to write it down so I wouldn’t forget! — I don’t recall … Continue reading

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Very belated post — Meeting Miss Stitchy

The weekend before this last, I found myself in a very strange but delightful position. I was alone. Totally, utterly, alone. As I had made plans forever-ago to travel on the Sunday to Acker’s Acres — birthplace of my little … Continue reading

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The suspense is over…

So very much has been going on here in the Sereknity household and all will be revealed in the next few installments, but first, I won’t keep you in supense any longer. Contest results are in! We have three winners … Continue reading

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