Of Planets, Prizes, and "Peds"

The long awaited shop opening of One Planet Yarn and Fiber has finally arrived! This is a wonderful new shop in part run by the folks at Yarn Botanika that will feature items from all parts of the globe and from many independent artisans — including me! YAY! You can find a little bit of Sereknity in lots of places on the site, including Indie Yarns, needles and notions, and spinning fiber. They also have a wonderful new yarn company called Sheep Shop yarns, that looks fantastic, as well as Black Pearl Yarns, which feature a design by Gina, and many other wonderful things. Give it a looksee, won’t you?

As mentioned before, Gaye, Ericka, and Rachel all won prizes in the “Name that Bunny” contest, and here is what they won…
Rachel chose this skein of green tone-on-tone sock yarn from the etsy shop that I am sending her along with some matching cute and girlie stitch markers…

Ericka chose sock yarn in the Gothic Rose colorway, and as she recently voice her aversion to stitch markers, I am including this mini-skein of Gothic Rose dyed with the same dye lot. An extra 160 yards. And hey, who doesn’t love more yarn??

And for Gaye, for her winning name, she gets her requested Blue Hawaii skein destined for a lacy scarf and a custom decorated crochet hook with sheep topper. I really hope she loves this little gal!
In other news, I need socks. Desperately. I have no desire to wear store bought white socks ANYMORE. But I kept picking these wonderful, gorgeous patterns with lace and charts and details that take much more time an concentration than I have to give, thus, NO SOCKS. grrrr. SO I forsook all WIPs and sat down with my lovely but small hank of Bella-dyed handspun (dyed to look like my little kitty Bella) and cast-on for little footies — or Peds — since they would work up quickly on size 5 needles and I of course did not have nearly enough for a taller pair. And here they are! 3 days later! YAY!

Simple is so the way to go right now. I was also left with a too-small-for-sale skein of Christmas Tree dyed sock yarn and I was so very curious as to how this would work up, so I cast on ribbed a cuff in red (Cervina Calzetteria) and went to town with Christmas tree in stockinette. The results?

What do you think? I think I like it! The red and purple swirl completely around the leg like a sting of garland. Pretty cool. And QUICK, and very definately festive. (I am a sock knitting MACHINE! HA.) The toes will also be done in red, to round it out and to conserve the varigated yarn.

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5 Responses to Of Planets, Prizes, and "Peds"

  1. Nichole says:

    LOVE the Bella peds! Is that your own pattern? The Christmas Tree yarn/socks look great too!

  2. Rachel says:

    those socks are very cute! i especially like the bella color.
    and i can’t wait for my gorgeous green yarn hooray!!

  3. Nora says:

    Your socks are lovely – sometimes it’s better to let the yarn speak for itself…

    Speaking of yarn, those prizes are beautiful! Oh, WHY didn’t you name the bunny Coco??? x

  4. Gigi says:

    Socks, socks, and more socks! Both are fun and look comfy. I cannot wait to see that sheep hook in person! I’ve been dieing to try a wooden hook and now I’ll have an extra special one.
    Thank You!

  5. AR says:

    I bet your feet are happy!
    Love the Christmas Tree socks. Very pretty, great colors!!

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