Spin to Knit Exchange Quesions and answers

The following questions came from my secret pal in the Spin-to-Knit Exchange…

1. Favorite color?

2. two ply or singles?

3. Favorite holiday?

4. do you like art yarn? (yarn with extra bits spun or plied in?)
or are you more of a “normal” yarn kinda girl? (for example, my
husband says it’s not yarn if there is stuff spun in it. It’s only
yarn if its plain 🙂 )

5. ok, so I thought I would have at least 5 questions, but I can’t
really think of anything else right now

Happy New Year!!!

And my answers…

1) I love COLOR. Pure and simple. Ther eis beauty in all colors, and I tend to move in phases. Recently, I was in a cool blue/purple phase (still a favorite), but normally my first response is red. Mu house is a mish-mash of navy and white, warm candlelight yellow and russet, mocha brown and caramel — a little of everything. I love bold, bright colors, and I love neutrals — anything inspired by nature. So, I’m pretty easy, I think.

2) Depends. I prefer two-ply for its durability, and simply b/c right now I am still working on perfecting my spinning. Trying to acheive an even, balanced yarn that I can use for, whatelse?, socks! lol I love all yarns, tho, and each have their uses. I love a soft almost unspun single-ply yarn, like Malabrigo (mmm), thick and thin fun yarns for various projects, from hats to sweaters. You name it. Except fun fur. No fun fur. and I am def. into natural fibers, but seeing as this is a spinning exchange, I think that is a given.

3) Favorite holiday, huh? Well, I love Halloween and Thanksgiving for the lack of emphasis on gifts. Halloween is just fun, but Thanksgiving is fab b/c it is ALL about family and love and generosity and just being. Love it. This is the one I host in my home, and delight in it. Christmas is wonderful too, when done right. When the focus is on family, not the crazy have-to-get-to-the-mall and buy the “best” gift, or why didn’t I get as much as my brother crap. UG. Hate it. I do most of my shopping on-line so I don’t have to get frusterated with nasty people and crowds and traffic, and focus on keeping the spirit and fun alive for my kids. And I like making gifts for folk, and putting lots of love into it. I just wish I were faster!!!! I have a lot of people to love!!!

4) I do like art yarn. Yarn is an artform in and of itself to me, and I am amazed at what people can do. My knitting to date tends to be a bit more conservative, since I am not a frilly dresser and try to dress my lumpy-two-baby-body in a way that calls the least attention to my undersireable spots. I like to use the more elaborate yarns and such as accent pieces. Love that. Often, I find the art yarns MUCH to pretty and special to knit with, and wuld just pet them now and then and marvel at the creativity with which they are conceived. So yes, I definately have an appeciation for these, and hope to someday experiment myself. (My present experimentation is with the dyepot.) Your hubby was silly. Of course it is yarn! lol

So how is that for a dissertation?? I hope I helped more than confused, but seriously, where all things fiber are concerned, I am always delighted.

All my best to you and yours this season and in the new year! ~Heather

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2 Responses to Spin to Knit Exchange Quesions and answers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey! I’ve been quoted! Does this make me famous? 😉

    Thanks for the very helpful answers!

  2. hollyeqq says:

    You crack me up! I feel exactly the same way as you do about the yarn art – I just want to look at it – pet it.
    I finally knit a hat with the Grey Haired Punk Alpaca – but it was supposed to be a scarf for a girl who wanted to buy it. I ripped it three times and it became a hat. It is the best hat ever – I am going to take pictures to submit it an art piece. I love it that much.
    Gee whiz, your whole post reminds me that I have to get my butt together and get my spin to knit stuff going. One girl already posted that she recieved A PACKAGE from her person already.
    SHOW OFF’s!!
    Who is that organized? That is not normal! Freaks! I hope to get it off in the first week in January, but since my girl is very conservative – polar opposite from me – I am having to dye her some special stuff. It still won’t probably be conservative per se, but at least it wont’ be on the list of colors she doesn’t like – brown, green and turqoise, orange, pink, and yellow.
    Hmmmmm… I had to start over – just for her. I am imagining she likes more jewel tones and I can do that! I haven’t done a nice purple, fushia and deep blue combo in a while so that is what is soaking today.
    Should be fun!
    This is my first exchange, so I am uber excited.
    I hope you had a good holiday.

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