Weekends are for Christmas Knitting…

I’ve had to place a self-imposed moratorium on working (ie dyeing or sewing for Sereknity) on weekends — just so I can get my Christmas gifts done! I have MANY pairs of Fetching and Smocked Gauntlets to do (thankfully these are quick), I want to send a few hats in to my daughter’s school for their clothing drive, and my kids need mittens! I am determined my family will have warm hands this winter! I also have a faint (very, very faint) hope of getting at least one scarf done for “someone” from the new Magnits — the one w/ the swarovski crystals?? NICE. yeah, we’ll see.
And so what did I get done? 2 Fetching mitts — w/o thumbs. whoo. In my defense, however, I did make this bag…

…as a swap gift for my “crew’s” Holiday party, hosted by the ever fabulous Gina (more about that later). The bag was easy, until I had to sew many layers of denim, corduroy and canvas together and bent two needles doing so, ran out of thread, and impaled my little piggies MANY MANY times on the numerous pins holding it together. ARG. BUT, good news? The recipient (“newbie” Mike) seemed to really like it. So all is good.
I did manage to carve out a little quiet time for hubby and I on Friday night, thanks to the children’s katate school, which hosted a Pizza Party Game Night/ Parents Night Out. For us, it was “Parent’s Night In”, with hubby’s favorite, Chicken Parm, on the menu. Nothin’ fancy, but it sure was nice.

Saturday brought more fun and excitement with the visit of one of my oldest and dearest friends and her girls. My kids were bloody psyched to see the girls — it really had been far too long, and Kendra and I finally got to just sit and chat and enjoy each others company. We just never get to do that. What a wonderful visit. And we sat and knit and crocheted, respectively, so we even got something done! And the best part? She wants to join me in the business!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!
On to Sunday and the Holiday Party; what a blast!! Great people, these Manchvegans. Fun, funny, they KNIT (and crochet!), make AMAZING Peppermint Cheesecake (omg — I’m telling you — O.M.G. — can that Ericka COOK) and help me (barely) polish off a bottle of merlot (just so I don’t have to say I drank it all myself — thank you Chris!). My swap gift was an awesome book, Cables Untangled, by Melissa Leapman (autographed!). I love cables. sooo much. very very cool.
Gina giving Caroline a spinning demonstration…

The crew, Chris, Ericka, Jackie, Jenna, and Mike…

Gigi and Sarah…

The amazing pooping polar bear…


Gigi’s finished crochet mitts…

Mike with his new bag (and finished first project! a baby blanket!)…

So tomorrow, it’s back to the dyepot in the morning, then off to watch my scrumptious nephew and niece in the afternoon, and with a bit of luck, I’ll have some dry fiber from today to post to the Etsy shop — I’m starting to fall back on the search pages again!
In the meantime, Lilah is getting on very well. She has a new, larger cage and is getting the hang of the litter box. The other animals have gone from being very watchful and suspicious to remarkably accepting. I managed to snap this shot of Lilah and Bella.
On two seperate occassions today, I caught Bella and Mouse GROOMING her! Too FREAKIN’ cute!!

My one quandry is whether to pluck Lilah, or shear her. There are apparently many different opinions on this — I’ve been told shearing promoted better fiber growth, but I am worried that it may leave her susceptible to wool block. I’ve already plucked her a few times, and she tolerates it quite well (she only fusses when I try to put her on her back to brush her belly). If anyone has experience with angoras that molt (although she is mostly German, the Satin cross in her has left her able to molt) I would love your input on the subject.
******14 more knitting days ’til Christmas!**************

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4 Responses to Weekends are for Christmas Knitting…

  1. Nora says:

    There you are! Your posts haven’t been showing up on bloglines.
    Ok, I’ll go read what’s been going on now… x

  2. Kendra says:

    I’m heeere 🙂 and I made your blog! YIPPEE! hee hee, I’m just waking up, can you tell?

  3. Lora says:

    OH so much fun at the party the other night!! I had a great time! Your bag is awesome that you made! OMG do I looked like a demon in that picture or what?!? GIVE ME YARN OR ELSE!!!!

  4. Gina says:

    So glad you liked the party! That bag you made is wonderful…I know Mike loved it.

    I REALLY didn’t like that pic of me….can you replace me with a pic of Hello Kitty instead? LOL!

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