I am still doing #@$%#@%$ Xmas Knitting!!!

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Will I ever be done?? And I don’t even feel as tho I accomplished anything. The bus drivers fingerless mitts, s-i-l’s mitts (for her b-day), ONE mitt for Hubby’s gran, 0 for his mom, 5 washcloths for my wool-allergic father, and a started, now 1/3 done, lacy scarf for my sis(Stacy). SOB. Nothing for my bf-s-i-l, out of the 3 things I wan’t to give her, and her b-day was yesterday. Basically, I suck. Me and deadines just don’t mix.
Stacy’s scarf is coming out awesome, tho, and I can’t wait to block it. I am knitting the scarf from the December Magknits with the swarovski crystals knit into the edges, and I am knitting it in a gorgeous laceweight silk/cashmere blend from YarnBotanika. LOVE IT! I feel like I am knitting with air. It is very fragile, tho, so I have to tread lightly.

Christmas was fab — the kids had a great time, and were spoiled rotten, of course. As wonderful as it was to have them home, I was going nuts not being able to get anywork done and really missed my quiet time. It was IMPOSSIBLE to listen to a podcast w/o having to shut it off ever 2 minutes to address some question or issue. So, back to normal now. I am now accutely aware of the need for a PLAN for this summer tho. Here are a few pics from the Christmas Carnage…

and a very cute puppy picture…

My dog is weird. She puts this sheep in her mouth and kneads the couch with her front paws much like a cat. Bizarre little creature. But hey, it makes her happy.

I spent the day dyeing on Monday, but there was a yarn-frenzy at knitting practice last night, so some of the fiber dyed went unphotoed. I do have more of the yarns to list, however, so those should be up in Etsy over the next few days. One really fun colorway I did was a custom order for Gina of SleepyEyes. She loved it! I’m hopping she will post a pic soon. I also have done a One Planet colorway for One Planet Yarn and Fiber, which I will be mailing to her soon. Be sure to cruise on over to that shop this week. They are having a customer appreciation sale on many of their items and yarns, including Indie Vendors such as myself, which doesn’t happen often at all.

One last thing — I have another convert! Kendra (blogless — for now!) borrowed some sticks, a book, and some Debbie Bliss Merino Aran and produced this lovely swatch…

Don’t her stitches look gorgeous?? YAY! Congrats babe, and welcome to the club!!

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2 Responses to I am still doing #@$%#@%$ Xmas Knitting!!!

  1. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Oh, that lace is to DIE for! It looks even more beautiful in person and the swarovski crystals make it so fancy and perfect. I’ll have to try that sometime….

  2. Nichole says:

    That lace scarf was amazing! Your sis is one lucky lady! And welcome to Kendra (is she a local who might make it to guild too?)! Tashi looks adorable… Lola does a lot of that kneeding stuff too, but its usually trying to “hide” something – she’ll put a bone or something on the couch or dog bed and try to “kneed” it in to the bed/couch… crazy girl! The kids look great too!

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