Roundup (looong post)

Well, it’s kinda cold out there! The kids have been home from school for the past two days (after having Monday off for Martin Luther King Jr. day) due to ICE. Yup, ice. Everything is covered with natures sparkly bling-bling, which, although lovely, can be just a bit problematic. We are one of the lucky houses on the region that has not lost power, but a tree went down in my neighbors yard taking out some wires, so the road is closed IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. ONLY IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE — which means no sanding IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. So, we haven’t budged. I awoke Monday to the sounds of crashing branches, but thankfully it was deep in the woods. Last night, however, I heard a nice big BANG that freaked me out. I search with a flashlight for any damage, and found none, but couldn’t get the image of these trees…

…crashing down on my roof, right above the Boy in his TOP bunk, so I took him out of his bed and had him sleep in mine. (I later ended up on the couch. Even with the king bed, I felt like a mommy sandwich.) So here we stay, cozy and warm, surrounded by yarn and fiber…yarn and fiber, you say?? Do tell. Ok, I will!
I’ve been spending my free time, when not doing laundry (mountains) and playing board games, spinning this fantastic roving from Spunky Eclectic called Brain Freeze (all the more appropriate for the times). This yarn was gifted to me by the fabulous Gina of SleepyEyesKnits podcast fame, and I think I have finally succeded in spinning singles fine enough to ply into sock yarn. I can’t wait to see how the colors look when plied! I have 2 4oz batts that I am spinning into singles and will then ply together. Oh, yeah, that’s a heck of a lot of sock yarn. Yippee! Maybe socks and mitts???

As for knitting, I have MANY WIPS, and , well, no FO’s since I last posted. Ug. Stil no further progress on the sister scarf (bad sister, I am!), or the grandmother gauntlets, my multidirectional scarf may have gained a triangle or two, still have to cast on sock #2 on both Rachel’s watermelon pair and my Cervina Naples pair (basic stockinette on both), and I have about 1/2 the foot left on Rachel’s Butterfly Bows sock, and don’t even mention her Debbie Bliss sweater. Of course none of that stopped me from casting on two new items — the much needed and excused casting on of Jason’s helmet liner, ribbing done; and a sample sock in Berry Blast Sock Options Sport for Sereknity.

Today’s plan is to dye some corriedale roving, finish the helmet liner and sock, and finish spinning and plying the Spunky Eclectic. Oh, and cut fabric for sock bags.
Kendra and I had grand plans of setting up dueling sewing machines on my dinning room table and cranking out bags on Monday, but the ice has set us back considerably. I do have to get on it tho, as some of my current wholesale accounts are clamoring for kits and I HAVE A NEW ACCOUNT! A new Windham, NH store, The Yarn and Fiber Company ( has decided to carry Sereknity products — all of them! I have a huge order to fill for them, and Am also way behind in sending products out to One Planet. I’m hoping the kids will cooperate and let me get something done today, and with a little luck they’ll be back to school tomorrow so I can really get cranking.
In other news, I got this wonderful note from my Spin to Knit Secret Pal…

“Dear Heather

Just thought I’d let you know that the magic 8 ball says you just might be receiving a surprise sometime soon 🙂 I’ll be at the post office by Friday with a little treat for you!

your knit to spin secret pal”
Yay! I can’t wait — she seems like a real doll, too, and I am anxious for the secret part to be over so I can REALLY get to know her. I am hard at work on my pals goodies, too, but wasn’t all that thrilled with how the pygora came out. I mentioned the dye didn’t take well in a previous post, and I am now certain that it was dyer error, but I decided to spin it anyway, rather than re-dye. I like it. It is a honeydew melon color I am going to call Midori Melon, but as hubby says, it is much more tame than I normally do. A nice color, but hard to know if it will be her taste. I am going to throw some more goodies in her box, tho, including some of that buttery corriedale for her to spin, so I do hope she will be happy.

to this…

to this.

oh! And I almost forgot! I am thrilled to announce that I will be offering Erica and Chris’ Down to Hearth handmade soaps on! I have been using their Lavender Eucalyptus daily and it is scrumptious. She is even making a special non-scented oatmeal soap for my exema prone baby boy. He is so excited. Make sure to head to the site and register to get e-mails. Once my yarn comes in and is dyed, I hope to get it up and listed for a “grand-opening” and will send out a coupon to everyone who has registered. I’ll also try to get a helmet liner project update up tomorrow — we are well on our way! I even have the first one in hand from Gigi!
Until next time, a few more weather pics…

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7 Responses to Roundup (looong post)

  1. jessie says:

    Great pictures, both of the ice storm and the yarns. I should get off the computer and do some spinning….

  2. Lora says:

    brrrrrrrr Looks so cold! oh wait…IT IS!!!!!!! Congrats on the new accout with the new store!

  3. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Wow! Your pictures are beautiful…looks very familiar to how my yard looks! I LOVE the yarn you’re spinning out of the Brain Freeze…looks amazing!!!! And the corriedale…beautiful! Will I get to see them in person tonight?? Sorry to say I haven’t gotten more than 2 emails from my Spin2Knit pal and nothing in the mail yet…but there’s still time. My own pal LOVED her stuff. You can see it here:

    BTW, I have Odeo on my blog now if you want to leave a voice message for me to add to the next podcast!

  4. Rachel says:

    Wow, so many projects! Good luck on all of them! Sounds like you’ve got a lot of spoons in the pot, or whatever that expression is.

  5. hollyeqq says:

    You crack me up. I love the midori melon. I think it is a great color.
    And I love both of the yarns. And your secret pal sounds like fun… you will have to show us the box.
    HOpe the ice has past you by and you can get some real work done, although it sounds like you have been working like a maniac.
    I am going to check out your site now.

  6. Anonymous says:

    glad you liked the card! I’ve got your package ready!
    –secret pal

  7. Nichole says:

    I love the midori melon … and the other yarn you’re spining up is gorgeous too! So jealous that you never lost power… we’re moving over your side of town, lol! 🙂

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