So much for FO Friday…how about FO February?

Sadly, I am going to have to add in some pictures of some of my finished objects later, as I was silly enough to give many of them away before I got any pics! ARG! I am on a quest to finish up many of my UFOs before I start my Rogue sweater — my reward. I have been lured by the pull of a few certain yarns to make a few small projects in the meantime, and had a few requests to fill, but all in all I am feeling pretty productive lately. Here are the knitting FOs, not necessarily in order…

1. Olive green hat in Yarn Art wool on sz 8 addis, originally slated for the SHIPS project, but Jason liked it, so I gave it to him. Simple ribbed brim stockinette. Made it up as I went along.
2. Black Knit Picks Wool of the Andes hat on size 8 addis, made for Jim in a rib and mock cable design — again, made it up as I went along. Jim stole the olive green hat to wear for a few days, which clued me in to the fact he needed a hat and I was a neglectful wife! (Hubby is camera shy, so Jacob was good enough to model.)

3. Sock blocker sock, in my own Triple-Scoop in Merino Tencel. LOVE THIS STUFF. Just a quickie, but my blocker needed a new outfit.

4. Multidirectional scarf in Wisdom Poems in a blue and purple colorway. I loved knitting this, mindless, but interesting enough not to be boring and the yarn was so fun. Alas, I gifted it to Sinead and intended to get a modelled shot, but let her get out of the house without it! ARG!
5. Handspun Hat for my niece, Ciara. Also let her leave without a pic. what is wrong with me?? thankfully my sis-in-law was good enough to snap this pic for me. This is the hat from my last post. It looks FAB on her, don’t you think? Done in a 2×2 rib, made up the decreases as I went.

6. Party Lace Scarf for my sister in a 50-50 cashmere silk blend with swarovski crystals. AWESOME. Stacy loved it. YAY.

6. My own handspun scarf knit in the Harlots One Row scarf pattern. Love it! It is a mix of fibers — BFL, BL, mohair, and angora and was a bit scratchy at fist but now that the angora has bloomed it is very comfy and super warm. I may have actually finished this in Jan. but I don’t think I ever blogged it.

I also accomplished quite a bit of spinning recently.
1. The BRAIN FREEZE gifted me by Gina and hand dyed by Amy King. I had hoped to cast this on fr socks while at spa, but no such luck yet. Need to get a few more things off the needles anyway — including the 3 other pair of socks I have started.

2. My hand-dyed pygora in red w/ a touch of purple. I only had 2 oz. of this amazing fiber, so I spun it into a lace-weight single so I hopefully can get a full project out of it. It is pictured here with a small skein of llama plied with baby alpaca destined to be a super soft sscarf for hubby. I have been searching since October for just the right fiber to ply with the llama I purchased at the Freyburg fair, and came across this baby alpaca at Yarn and Fiber. Perfect.

3. SPin to knit pal’s yarn and my self-striping yarn from Indigo Moon batt, pictured next to the Spunky Eclectic lollipop batt I will be sending to her as well.

Of course, all this productivity doesn’t coem without a cost.

Yup. That is a hole in my finger from knitting. Oh well!

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8 Responses to So much for FO Friday…how about FO February?

  1. Nichole says:

    Can’t wait til you fill in with some photos of all those wonderful FO’s! The lacey scarf is gorgeous! And speaking of hats, we’re still waiting on the Jacob hat pattern… ah, hum… lol 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    You really have been busy! Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  3. Amanda1 says:

    Looking forward to seeing the pics of the other FO’s. Great yarn pics, I love the colors!

  4. Nora says:

    You gave great taste when it comes to yarn!!

  5. Gigi says:

    Wow have you been busy! Everything is just lovely. Looking forward to seeing the rest. =-D

  6. Weaver says:

    Look at all that amazing productivity!!! You are amazing! and so are the pics! everything looks great.

    Unfortunately, I am a bad, bad secret pal. I asked my husband to mail your package last week. Let’s just say that the turd brought it in the house yesterday when he cleaned out his truck. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get to the post office today but will try like crazy! I am so sorry!

  7. HollyEQQ says:

    Ok, each picture I kept thinking that is my favorite FO – then I get to the next one and wow!!!
    And I have to tell you – you can be my Spin to Knit pal anytime, as mine left something to be desired! I hate to sound whiney but I am!!!
    I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see what you knit up with the lhama alpaca number.
    Purty purty.

  8. Sarah says:

    Ohhh, thank you for the link to the scarf pattern – it’s gorgeous!!! Hmmm, what yarn to use? You are right, maybe a trip to “see Dee” is in order.

    : )

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