Excursions in Frustrationland

I so did not like this week. Not my favorite. This week was fraught with aggravation, frustration, anger and worry. Ultimately, all appears to be good. Here’s the short list…
1. Although being a Brownie leader for two years (having dutifully passed in all required paperwork), my council had NO record of my existence. None. What does this mean? NO cookie-crack for the troop. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW INSANE PEOPLE GET ABOUT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES?????? After many days and e-mails, all is resolved, cookies have been delivered, and I am once again a full fledged human in the eyes of the GS. Let us never speak of this again.
2. In the midst of the never-to-be-mentioned-again e-mail frenzy, while hubby was away in CT for work, I preformed my routine on-line check of my bank accounts before bed to discover that “someone” had charged $1000 to my personal business account. Not me. Not hubby. Not good. Called bank. YUP. Fraud. ARG! Horror. Help? Yes. Stopped the offending debit card, filed reports. Resolution? Let’s hope so. I’d really like to have that money back. I was also very afraid to use my laptop until hubby got home to check for viruses and spyware in the event that is how the offenders got my account number, which is why I have been incommunicado for so long.
All was not a loss, however. There were some great and happy events of the week as well. Tuesday, my friend Stacy and I took our children to the NE Aquarium as there was no school in our town that day. What a fantastic time! Having once worked there and being a Marine Biology major and a woman of stunning amounts of energy, Stacy was our own personal tour guide and enthusiastic teacher for the day. Seriously, this woman should have her own TV show. Steve Irwin (RIP) has nothing on this chick in enthusiasm! The weather was in the 60’s, so we walked to Fanueil Hall for lunch and copped a squat outside for a gnosh. The kids were just thrilled to be in the fresh springlike air and friend Sadie and my Rachel made a delightful spectacle of themselves dancing in the square. So much so that a group of Asian students on tour requested to take a picture of our delightful little ones! And who wouldn’t, really?

We also have encountered a new fad in our house…Webkinz. Heard of these? We were introduced by my cousin, and apparently these sold out in stores quite quickly — we were only able to find them in a store in Burlington, MA — 45 min. from home. They come with a code used to open an on-line account for gaming and caring for the pet, ala Tomagachi. The kids are having a great deal of fun, and the pets can be interactive with other friend’s pets, so it will be a nice way for them to stay in touch with their cousins in China. Here is Rachel with Webby,

and Jacob with Stomper.

This week also saw the completion of my Spunky Hand-spun socks! Do you think I love them?? YES, I DO! Warm, comfy, beautiful…mmmmmm.

I have also completed the sleeves of the Big Ball sweater, and have cast on the body. I am well aware that Gina was heading to A Knitter’s Garden to purchase the required 24″ size 9 addis for the body. MUST. KNIT. FASTER. lol
And today, after the wonderful spring-like weather enjoyed earlier in the week, we are oncce again snowed in. (Gotta love New England.) On the docket for today is snuggling, knitting, and a good shearing. See pretty Lilah?

Get a good look. She won’t look that fluffy for long! mmmmmmmmmm Fibery goodness. (She, btw, has accepted the new condo and has even ventured upstairs. yay!)
Happy knitting!

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6 Responses to Excursions in Frustrationland

  1. Amanda1 says:

    Hi, Heather! I’m glad to see that the crummy things that were going on seem to be on the upswing.

    Love the pics of the kids, especially Jacob – great face!

    Socks – beautiful.

    Lilah – beautiful. I’m hoping you’ll post the “after” pic! ha ha…

    So glad to see you back in cyberland.

  2. Nichole says:

    LOVE the socks… Lilah is GORGEOUS (take some good pics before cutting all that wonderous hair off now)… the kids look like they had a blast. Tell Jacob I said “nice choice” for his pet! lol Good luck with you bank frustrations… and did you say COOKIE CRACK? MUST. GET. COOKIES… lol

  3. Julie says:

    What a busy week! I’m glad there was more good than bad; I was worried there for a minute.

    The kids are adorable!

    I want to see a picture of the bald bunny 🙂

  4. Gigi says:

    The socks turned out wonderfully! Sounds like you had fun in Boston. I love wandering there. Glad to hear Lilah is liking the new digs. Has she expressed any style preference for her new doo?

  5. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Okay, H….Lilah looks almost like a bunny monster from some B-rated movie…”MUST GET C-A-R-R-O-T-S!!!!”

    And, I ended up not going to Joanne’s after all because of home related difficulties…but I did get some crappy ones (though not as bad as I thought) yesterday at ACMoore.

    Are we in competition with this sweater, hmmmm? If so, you’d better hurry!!!! LOL! (hugs!)

  6. HollyEQQ says:

    Oh my!
    I just ran to check my bank account. I am usually neurotic about checking it daily but it had been several days. I checked it – everything is fine! Poor thing. That would blow my mind. I know it happens, just don’t want it to happen to anyone I know. What is the word on your money?

    Poor boy – 40 more days seems like forever.
    Socks are gorgeous.
    Happy Tuesday – hope things are on the upswing.

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