I just love Knittah’s

wow…Saturday was one of the best days EVER (discounting, of course the birth of my children, and the day I married their daddy — not in chronological order…hehehe.) The ManchVegas Knitters (11 of us in all) converged upon York, Maine and the lovely and unsuspecting yarn shop, The Yarn Sellar, for a day of knitting, shopping and kvetching. Too. Much. Fun.

Seriously, it was awesome. Patti and her husband, Roger, the shop owners, were so friendly and welcoming and fun and accomodating and, and, …well, they had chocolate chip cookies! lol They have the perfect table set up in the center of the shop for knitting — a must for any good yarn shop — and a great selection of yarn. I brought home some gorgeous Noro to finally make myself a Booga Bag, a skein of Lamb’s Pride for making a hedgehog, some Berrocco Softwist for Adam’s Dragon in the requested purple, and, since I can’t justify buying sock yarn anymore or adding much else to the already overflowing stash (you may notice here that I have never done the ever-popular “stash reveal”. Ummmm, yeah…hubby reads the blog), I bought a Lantern Moon knitting bag! I feel so stylish. LOVE IT!

The best part of the day tho was hanging with the friendly Mainers, esp. Patti, Roger, and Julie, the blogger friend that brought us there in the first place — Julie of the completed Big Ball sweater that I am still plugging away at — and the lovely Martha whom I had the pleasure of sitting next to and who is a fount of knitting wisdom, energy, and good will. Really. And Blogless Chris finished the sweater for his little soon-to-be nephew for the upcoming wedding. Can you believe this guy has been knitting for less than two years? A perfect sweater in every way.

Just such a great time.
I got hardly any knitting done tho!! ARG! I am working a new sock pattern for Sereknity that will be posted there shortly (I hope) and revealed at a later date, but it received approval from most in attendance, so that was good, and I did a few more rows on THE sweater. I attempted to knit in the dark in the car on the ride home from memory, and managed to put in one increase row too many in the bust area AND knit too few rows in between the increase rows, but rather than rip out yesterday I was able to drop down, take out the increases in the offending places, and re-knit, so I was quite pleased with myself. The arms are now attached and I am decreasing for the yoke. I do worry, tho that the sweater is too short, and I even added and extra inch to the body before attaching the arms. I never thought I did, but maybe I have a longer than normal torso? At this point, I am trusting blocking to work out any issues. Cross your fingers!

And finally, I was unable to post this last week as I left my precious little bundle at my sis-in-laws house on Thurs. (major withdrawls followed). It isn’t the nicest spinning job, by far, but it is mine, all mine! And soooo soft. I present to you, Lilah…

Don’t you just want to pet it?

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5 Responses to I just love Knittah’s

  1. Jackie says:

    Yes, I do want to pet it! What a great day. I love the sock pattern you’re working on, it really shows off your yarn.

  2. Julie says:

    Love Lilah!

    Your sweater is looking great! I added an inch to mine as well and thought it was still going to be too short, but it wasn’t. I’m sure yours will be fine too.

    Saturday was a blast! I hope we can do it again sometime 🙂

  3. Amanda1 says:

    Hello, my friend!

    Saturday WAS SUCH A BLAST! I wish I had been able to talk to you more, but when we were riding home, my Chris said to me, “Wow, Heather is SOOO nice. I love meeting people that are so grounded like that.”… Isn’t that nice?

    See you Wed!

  4. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Lilah is so incredibly soft and wonderful…what a great job you did!

    And, your sweater, coming out FANTASTIC! Can’t wait to see it on you!

    BTW, I’m getting my worsted weight after alll!!! Woo-hoo…thanks for the suggestion!

  5. Nichole says:

    And man I even missed Milano cookies??? Darn! Let me know when the Spunky trip is.
    Btw, you’ve inspired me to do a Booga bag! Think I’m going to get yarn at this weekend’s sale!

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