Of packages, pals, projects and perfection

First, let me thank my wonderful Spin to Knit pal, Chris, (now happily revealed!). A very busy lady who took the time to visit my blog and spin me some simply GORGEOUS yarn, although I fear Rachel may try to abscond it. It is a wonderful mix of deep pinks and purple, very bulky/chunky, and oh so soft. She and her children also had some great fun dyeing some roving with koolaid which she included in the package.

VERY fun colors — orange, green, grape — that I think will make some fantastic mittens. Chris you were a great pal — thank you! And now I can haunt you on your blog!
And I can’t believe it is once again time for FO Friday! It has been vacation week here, and with the kids home, shop work is next to impossible (not to mention I have been plagued with headaches a few of the days. grrrr) so I have managed to crank out a bit more knitting. I completed a hat for my nephew, Adam, in Regia 6 ply on sz 5 needles (co 90, rib brim, stockinette) that I tried a pretty neat 5x raglan decrease that left a little pentagon design at the top. Nice and quick, and a good thing, too. After big sis got her hat, Adam began demanding to know where his hat is? Sheesh! Don’t 21/2 year olds get the whole knitting takes time thing?? lol

While babysitting the little rugrat himself on Wed., I grabbed the multi-directional scarf gifted to his mom for a quick photo shoot. You really can’t tell from the pic, but there are some lovely shades of purple in there, too. Why oh why is it so hard to capture purple and blue on camera?

I also have a few new projects. I know, I know! I said I was going to clean up the UFO’s — and I’m still working on them! I am! But hubby was beginning to think he would never get his scarf, and commented that winter is almost over, so I had to cast it on. I spent a few nights pouring over stitch patterns that were interesting, but not busy enough to get lost in the marled yarn (my handspun llama/baby alpaca), that would be quick and easy to knit, and classicly masculine. I settled on a rib stitch — it may be mistake rib? — that I found in a washcloth pattern, and I really think it is the perfect match for the yarn.

Hubby likes it, so I’m good to go. I still have to finish plying the rest of the yarn before this ball is gone, tho! I hope 8oz is enough.
Lastly, even tho I had two lonely single socks for me, and a single for Rachel languishing in the basket, I couldn’t resist the call of my Brain Freeze Handspun (roving courtesy of Gina, dyed by Amy King). It is ALL Gina’s fault! Not only did she give me this amazing stuff, but she spun and knit her own pair from Spunky roving and they looked soooooo gooood…I couldn’t help myself! And here is sock perfection — sock knitting nirvana…omg, I am soooo in love…

so in love, in fact, that I wore this one lonely sock around the house today with another lonely (Cervina Naples) single, just because I had to. I’ll finish the Cervina sock that is on the needles before I knit Brain Freeze #2, tho. I know I’ll knit it that much quicker so I can get to the real goal!

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11 Responses to Of packages, pals, projects and perfection

  1. Gigi says:

    Oooo! The hat a sock came out wonderfully! Now, girl, no more second sock syndrome. The socks are supposed to MATCH when you wear them. LOL! Has Lilah taken to the new hutch yet?

  2. ErickaJo says:

    That roving is delicious!

  3. Julie says:

    Nice FO’s! I love the beginning of your hubby’s scarf.

  4. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Your socks came out gorgeous!!!!! And I love the scarf and your washcloth in progress….yummy! The hat is adorable…really like those greens, too. You are SO lucky with the pal you had. I still have yet to get my last package. GRRR…. That roving is very colorful and fun!

  5. Amanda1 says:

    Wow, I love the roving. Will this end up for sale once spun up? hint hint!!

    Sorry we didn’t get to talk the other night at group, I hope things are going well. I love your haircut, you look great!

  6. Nora says:

    I love the sock – love it!.

  7. Nichole says:

    OMG – LOVE that sock!! LOVE!!! The hat came out great too and what a wonderful secret pal box you got there!

  8. Lora says:

    I swear you’re going to shoot me but all I got outta this blog was one little line….
    “Winters almost over”
    OH Bless you for letting me know!!! LOL I’m all snowed out LMAO!! Must be the KY gal in me. (chanting) NO MORE SNOW NO MORE SNOW!
    Great Pics…love the hat for the nephew.. too sweet!

  9. HollyEQQ says:

    It is all so gorgeous – can’t decide what to reply about first.

    I wanted to tell you how sweet you are to comment today – I am the same way – I think everyone is, sometimes it is just enough to read the blog and there isn’t enough brain power left to comment.

    You were lucky with your secret pal – what great goodies you got! Mine sent me one scratchy ball of yarn(yup it is all over my blog that I live in Florida – outerwear what?) and a email with her blog addy. That was it in 3 months. whooohoooo That was fun! Won’t make that mistake again. It was my first and last exchange. I can send gifts to people I care about and enjoy it way more. 🙂

    And the hat is as cute as it can be. Kids crack me up.

    Make those second socks before you wear a hole in them modelling them!!!
    Have a great night.

  10. Kendra says:

    Love Adam’s hat! 🙂 I told you I loved that yarn anyway, very cool colors.

  11. Weaver says:

    I’m so glad that you like your package! Sorry it took awhile to respond (silly trip to visit family) 🙂

    I had fun spinning for you!

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