What a pain in the neck!

That is what I have, alright, a massive pain in the neck. Yup, at 35, I have arthritis (mild, they say — if this is mild UG!) in my neck, which causes stiffness and pain and HEADACHES. So, I started Physical Therapy today, and have been forced to take it easy (since I find it hard to move and all) and haven’t gotten the dyeing done I wanted to this week. I have also had to take it a bit easy on the knitting front, so I have been going slowly on the Big Ball sweater. It is quite heavy now, as Gina had mentioned, and I have to keep a decent track of where I am in the yoke decreases, so I am only doing a few rows at a time. I decided to cast on my Booga Bag so I would have something mindless to work on that I don’t even have to look down at. I’m loving the colors so far, but have to say it is smaller than i thought it would be. Nevertheless, I really think I am going to like it and I intend to use grommets for the handle holes, since I have a bunch of them in my sewing stash.

Of course, none of the pain has come in the way of stash enhancement (retail therapy!), which came in the mail last week in the form of this GORGEOUS 100% cashmere sport weight from POSH in the colorway — get this name — Tah-dah! I love it!

And then today I got my first installment of Spunky Club Fiber today (yippee!)
Great colors and superwash merino, too. This is so going to become something for the BOY — he’s all about yellow and bright green.

And on another note, Lilah has spring fever of the bunny kind. She is feverishly preparing a nest in her little hut, but there’s one problem. No daddy, no babies. Apparently she missed that day of class in bunny school. Anyone have a handsome German bunny boy they want to pimp out to my pretty little darlin’? I think she’s gonna go crazy (or drive me crazy!) if she doesn’t get knocked up!

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14 Responses to What a pain in the neck!

  1. Weaver says:

    ack! I’m still waiting for my fiber of the month! But the picture makes me very happy.

    Sorry to hear about the neck! hope the PT helps a lot!

  2. YarnB says:

    Hey, I have severe arthritis in my neck too. It is awful and mine started at a very young age. Now it is through my whole back along with like 12 herniations. Scary huh? The best thing I have found is yoga yoga yoga…. I swear it is the only answer. All your stuff looks beautiful!!!!! Hope to chat with you soon….

  3. jessie says:

    Poor Lilah!

    I hope she gets a roll in the hay.

  4. Julie says:

    The bag is looking really nice! I love the yarn and fiber, too.

    I hope PT helps your neck. How often do you have to go?

    A horny bunny; oh no!

  5. Gigi says:

    I love how the booga bag is turning out! It will be even better after felting.

    I’m sorry to hear your neck is bothering you. I hope you get relief quickly.

  6. Amanda1 says:

    You’ve got a lot going on! I’m glad that at least you got some answers about the headaches, I know they’ve been plaguing you for a while.

    Beautiful fiber, and I notice some new pics of your yarns on the side…. I love the pastel-ness of them. Reminds me of sherbert, which reminds me of summer…

  7. Nichole says:

    I’ve got the arthritis in my knees… maybe its a Glowsta thing? lol Hope you feel better… for me, its Aleve… lots of Aleve.
    Love the fiber and oooh… the cashmere is YUMMY!

  8. HollyEQQ says:

    Poor Lilah!! First you shave her little butt bald, then she has no dude to Spring onto!!! 🙂 You are going to have to get her a stuffed bunny if nobody will loan you a stud! (ok, having images of a big fluffy white bunny boy with a black leather studded collar and leather jacket, complete with cigarette hanging out of his mouth? arriving via hotrod carrier and ready to get the job done!)
    I love the booga bag. I used that color Noro previously for a smaller purse and it was a dream to knit with! I love love love the colorway. Except I cut out the orange because it was for my sister and that would have been just too much for her to handle! 🙂
    Sorry about the neck pain.. but at least the down time will allow for more shopping!!!
    I am glad I don’t have to worry about a hubby to hide the stash from, but then I don’t have the extra income either! Good and Bad….
    HOpe this finds you feeling better.
    It is also good to stop dyeing for a little while, detoxify the house and your system. I have been going strong but getting ready to take a break and let the house just breath!
    And I am lovin’ the new colors.
    p.s. Did you notice the Batty Babes club? I just posted it!

  9. Amy Boogie says:

    That sucks about the arthritis. I hope you are able to find something that makes moving around bearable.

    Good luck with finding Lilah a “playmate”

  10. Nora says:

    Oh no! I hope the PT helps (I’m sure it will). Get better soon. x

  11. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Oooh, love the booga…it’s Boogtastic!

    Arthritis??? Oh, hell! My mother-in-law swears by glucosamine sulfate (?) and uses it every day for the arthritis in her hands….maybe something to look into?

    I’m dying over the fiber…really dying! One day I will be part of it…one day….

    Oh, man…I have a male bunny here who is not neutered…he’s about a year old, though….is that, like, rocking the cradle or something? Or is Lilah that age, too? Wanna do some pimping?

  12. sarah says:

    Gorgeous Posh! Sorry about your discomfort – get better!

  13. Anne says:

    Ooh very cute Bag! 🙂 I just finished a booga recently myself, and the colorway looks very similar, but not quite the same. I do hope you feel better soon!

  14. Sarah says:

    love the posh! sure hope you are feeling better!

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