A little bit of everything…

(That’s my little guy, home sick w/ a fever and surrounded by his furry friends, who want to make him feel better. Too cute! And no, he isn’t really going to be sick, just reacting to an episode of Popular Mechanics for Kids called “Gross Out!” lol)
This post will probably contain more information that you care to know — not in the realm of TMI, mind you, but just LOTS — so skim, if you please. No offense taken.
Let’s see,first, the issue of puppy rescue. Yeah, not happening. Not this time, these dogs anyway. The good news is, that when my family said “yes” to fostering, the little guys were pulled from death row, most likely saving their lives, but before they could be transported to me, another rescue organization went in and retrieved them. So, they are saved, I’m not bonkers with 3 dogs, 4 cats, and a rabbit, and my kids are sad, but learned a lesson and are anxious to give it another go. In a few weeks, when my neck is better, I am going to take a look at what other dogs may need help.
As for the neck, PT is helping immensely, BUT each time I go, I am sore for the rest of the day, which cuts back on the work I can do — ie, next to nothing. It really sucks — EVERYTHING involves using the neck! Computer, dyeing, beading, knitting, sewing. You know, not much — just what I do for a living! arg. I have a ton of orders piling up tho, so this coming week I have no choice.
Not that I want one now that my LOUET ORDER CAME IN! OMG the fiber!!! oooooo…falkland wool, superwash merino, merino/silk, silk, and , and, ….lamb/angora. 50/50! ooooooooo soooo soft. heaven! can’t wait to fire up the dye pots. I just really wish I could get ahead of the game at this point so I could concentrate on the website. Anyone know where I can buy time?
With my Big Ball sweater and Tashi’s sweater done, I have no real “have to” knitting to do — nothing with a deadline anyway — so I have been leisurely working on small projects. I am knitting a pair of socks as part of the Jeanne Townsend KAL groups Lilac Sock KAL. Jeannie is an awesome lady with amazing talent who has put SO MANY free patterns out on the net, and this one is JUST GORGEOUS. And as fate would have it, she posted this at about the same time I dyed my Lilacs In Bloom merino/tencel, so what else could I do but cast on?

I am loving everything about this — great pattern to knit, looks great, and the yarn is better than I could have hoped. Be sure to check out Jeannie’s blog, too, for another free pattern — Gold Lace socks — that she has for sale. This is the first pattern she has asked $$ for (she now has a son and grandson living w/ her during a divorce and custody battle) and after GIVING the Lilac sock pattern to over 1400 people, not to mention all the many other patterns she has given, I would love to see her get duly compensated for her amazing work. And the Gold Sock pattern is beautiful! Can’t wait to cast on for that one, too. I also got started on Norberta — or in this case, Norbert — for my son. I have 4 of these to knit in various colors, so thank goodness they are quick! But, oh, the sewing! I have the rest of the spines, the limbs and wings to knit, and then I’ll put it together. I even bought the requisite Knit Picks Crayon for these little guys.

Next up will be a private little Wicked KAL. My dear, wonderful, awesome, gorgeous friend Diane — my bf from High School — has been visiting regularly for knitting lessons. We’ve been doing hats — 3 in fact! — as she was anxious to learn circular knitting, both with DPNs and Circs. Here is a pic of D modeling her very first finished hat, knit in my hand-dyed yarn!

Isn’t she lovely? Oh, and the hat was really good, too! So now that she has gotten casting on, joining, and decreasing, she of course got the itch to move from hats to something a bit more substantial so wicked it will be. Hers will be in Knit Picks Main Line in the Dusty Lavender, and mine will be in Shine Worsted in Blush. I think Gina and maybe Jackie are planning on getting in on this one, too. Who did I miss?
Oh! And the awesome Blogless Kendra sent me this pic of her fingerless mitts (knit for her daughter) in “Pretty in Punk”. Aren’t they awesome?

Also, I wanted to let you know about a new on-line shop that just opened and stocks a fair number of Sereknity yarns, and has put in an order for more bags and kits, too, plus a whole slew of indie sellers. Check out Wool Girl Jen, the “Girl” herself is pretty great and worth supporting. Be sure to let her know you stopped by and what you think of the shop!

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6 Responses to A little bit of everything…

  1. sinead says:

    Diane…looking hot as usual…and omg I love kendras fingerless gloves!!!

  2. Lora says:

    Poor little man!! Sucks having sick little ones!! Ask me how I know?!? :o) grrr
    Love that hat on your friend Diane, and she’s so dang pretty too!
    Fingerless gloves are so cool! I need to make a pair for myself one day.

  3. Nichole says:

    Hope the little guy is feeling better.
    Love Diane’s hat and Kendra’s gloves look amazing – GREAT colorway! 😉

  4. Nora says:

    Your little boy is sooo cute! Hope he’s better now.

    And that sock yarn is just… BEAUTIFUL!!!
    (I have such good taste!)

  5. Jackie says:

    Poor little guy! At least he’s got his furball friends and some gross videos to watch! (mine loves those too!)

    The sock is looking great. I love Kendra’s mitt.

  6. YogaGardenGirl says:

    Great pics! Love the fingerless mitts and your sock is coming out awesome! Hope your little guy feels better soon!

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