Meet Coco

Isn’t this supposed to be a knitting blog?!?!?!?
Yes, it is, and I’ll get to that — I promise! But first a puppy update.
Yes, same dog, new name. She already has a home! She is being adopted by my ever so wonderful and loving and dog yearning brother-in-law who took one look and fell IN LOVE. And who couldn’t, seriously? And I’ll still get to see her! YAY! Unfortunately, since Massachusetts is the land of red-tape and regulations, before she can go live with them she has to spend 48 hours in a quarantine facility. I really hope it doesn’t set her back in either house-training or abandonment issues — she has settled in and down so well — but I know her new family will be so wonderful she will bounce back quickly. I do wonder if she and Tashi will miss each other, but thankfully there will be playdates.

As for life with puppy? Well, she likes fiber. And yarn. And knitted things. She likes them this much.

The casualties have been few, however. A few tufts of fiber from my living room stash, a grab or two at knitted objects as they emerge from the knitting bag, but no harm, and a skein of yarn my daughter saved in the knick of time. Not bad. And she is going to a non-fiber-loving home, so as long as the dolls and stuffies and bunnies stay safely out of reach, well…hey, that’s their problem, right?? 😉 (Just kidding, Sinead! lol)
So, been dyeing like a fiend, and will be taking lots of pics today for an etsy and Sereknity update. The yarn will def. be at etsy, but I’m going to update the web-site with the fiber, or most of it. As the yarn on the web-site is dye-to-order, I’ll probably continue to list the one-of’s at etsy for immediate purchase, at least ’til people find the web-site. I do have to reserve some for a wholesale order or 3, but I have lots more to dye over the next week or two so fear not! A few pics to pique your interest…

Also, a little give away. As you might imagine, My patience is being spread to a fair number areas in my life, thus, fighting with and unruly skein of yarn is NOT something I wish to squander my time and patience on. If, however, you were graced with an unending supply of that particular virtue, and you are the first to e-mail me at I will send you — free of charge — this lovely colored newly dyed EIGHT OUNCE skein of superwash merino sport in Belladonna…

As you can see. I didn’t get too far before patience ran out. Have at it!
(**** Lora was quick to e-mail for this, so she is the lucky winner. Have fun, kiddo!***)
Knitting has been uneventful — I am about done with the Lilac sock heel flap , Poppy is crawling along in stockinette (not exactly exciting picture fodder), and I have halted Wicked until Diane reaches the same point — where we need to start the sleeves. Spinning, however, is where the excitement is at! Not only have I had fun playing on my wonderful Izzy, but I have a new addition!

This is my new Louet S17, In pieces, being stained and poly-ed on my front porch (the wind was attrocious today, and I almost gave up as the darn drop cloth kept ballooning up and waving around, and one support was even blown off the porch, onto the ground, receiving a tiny chip. I was detemined to have it spin-ready tho, so here she is in all her bargain-purhase glory…

Loving it! Spins great, and I am so glad I decided to finish the wood prior to assembly. As anxious as I was to get started, I knew I would regret not taking the time later, and to look at her now, she certainly doesn’t represent as the $295 bargain wheel she is. And now I have a great wheel for all sorts of yarns, travel, and PLYING ON NICE BIG BOBBINS. sigh All is good. In fact, I’m going to go spin now. ciao!

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7 Responses to Meet Coco

  1. Lora says:

    oh my all the yarn… poor little sock too. Glad you got a good home for the little pup.

  2. Amanda1 says:

    Great post! I absolutely love love love the pics of all your dyed yarn and roving… heaven!

    Glad the pup has a nice loving home to go to.

  3. Nichole says:

    Can’t wait to see the yarn skeined up! GREAT pic of Tashi & Coco!

  4. Amy Boogie says:

    I fell sooooo far behind in reading. Yikes! Coco Frankie is adorable. I’m glad he has a new home. Congrats on the new wheel.

    Oh my Gosh – all the stash enhancements. woohoo. I’m coming to your house.

  5. Sonya says:

    Coco is a good name, but Frankie was growing on me. Love the fiber and the yarn!

  6. Gigi says:

    That yarn look yummy enough to eat! I’m sending Coco good vibes that her quarantine is easy and non-tramatic. It’s so good that she will go to a home where you can visit her.

  7. SleepyEyes says:

    Nice wheel, Heather! And all that fiber looks luscious!

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