Oh my goodness, this MS3 stole thing is quite addicting. My progress is small, but I am happy with it. I made the rash decision to skip swatching and just jump in and knit, as I was already running behind. I figured that is I wasn’t happy with the result, I could rip and reknit. But I am. AND I havent made any mistakes yet! I get so excited when I get to the end of a row and my stitch count is correct. PHEW. I actually have a confession. This is my first “real” bit of lace. In fact, I certainly wouldn’t call myself an experienced knitter, but I am certainly an adventurous one. I once read that the only difference between a beginner and an experienced knitter is one knows HOW to fix her/his mistakes. THAT is something I have had to learn and learn well! lol I did knit Embossed Leaves socks, and the Party Lace scarf from Magknits (well, I guess that is “real” lace, but it was only a 4 row lace repeat!), so I may be in over my head here, but I don’t tend to do things on a small scale. Shocker, I know. A bit of an overacheiver. (If only I was where housework was concerned!)
Here is the first pic, not quite through the first chart…

I had planned to use the purple beads from the last post, but didn’t have a crochet hook small enough (fyi — if you are going to use size 8 beads, you need a sz 12 crochet hook or smaller. Mine is a 10.) At 9:15pm, I knew I wouldn’t make it to the nearest craft store for new beads IF the had any I liked and IF they had the right size and/or crochet hook, and I wanted to start NOW. So I went to ye olde bead stash (thank you, stitchmarker business) and found a great mix of triangular blue beads that I had purchased “just because”. I had enough to start, but not sure I have enough for the finished project, so I went to the local bead store today — Le Beaderie — and picked up more, and then some! (The gals at Le Beaderie rock — they are so super friendly, and one of the owners, Cheryl, is also an avid knitter.) I grabbed some gold iris seed beads for Ericka just in case (and they were even kind enough to COUNT them for me! 325 in the bag — score!). They are pictured here next to my beads.

I also raided the 50% off bin and made off with this loot…

I feel some new sock and scarf patterns coming on! (..again, with the little upstart knitter getting a big head…)
I spent quite a few hours clearing out the studio space today, and the goal is to be in it by next weekend, as I’ll have a house full of my girlscouts and all of their parents. And, umm, well, right now, no one could fit in, let alone walk through, my living area. The whole yarn-thing has kinda taken over. I’ll snap some pics, but I’ll have to show them another day, when I am able to laugh about it. Maybe in about 10 years.

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9 Responses to Progress

  1. NH Knitting Mama says:

    Very nice!

  2. ErickaJo says:

    Those are great! Perfect! Thank you so much 😀 I can’t wait to get that yarn from Spunky. I will so be on my way… way behind everyone else, but oh well 😉

  3. Yarn Thing says:

    Cool Beads! I just joined last minute to the MS3 and haven’t even purchased the yarn yet! Let alone the beads!

    Yours is looking fantastic! Can’t wait to see more progress 🙂


  4. Karen says:

    I have yet to start mine – however, your’s is gorgeous – looking forward to seeing how it turns out – I probably won’t get to it until the fall 🙁

  5. Sarah says:

    Wow. That is going to be gorgeous!

  6. Nichole says:

    How is it that I’ve never “found” that bead store? Its in Derry?? What’s it near? 🙂

    And she said she didn’t like triangular shawls… HA! Its coming out beautiful!

  7. Sonya says:

    I like 50% off bins!

  8. Gigi says:

    You certainly don’t do things by half! The shawl is looking just beautiful. Do you have plans for all those lovely beads?

  9. SleepyEyes says:

    EEE…your shawl is coming along sooo nice!!! I love it! And the Clapotis in your handspun…well…I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done!

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