(No, the mitts are not finished. Look at the pretty birdhouse. Move along.)
So while not much knitting is going on, we did have a busy weekend, with the kiddos graduating to the next level of their karate classes. The Girlie is now a blue belt and the Boy is a brown. A brown! My mom and good friend Amber came for the ceremony, and the kids were thrilled. As requested, here are some pics of my dangerous little duo.

And today, we not only received the first snow of the season, but this was also the first snow of Chewie’s very short little life. I made sure to arm myself with my camera, fully expecting Chewie to approach this even with his customary delight and gusto. He did not disappoint.

Even his favorite stick was oh-so-much-better.

Tashi is not much of a fan of the cold white stuff, herself, and was less than enthused with the silly puppy’s antics. She was happy to come in and warm her paws.

I do have an FO to share, that was actually completed at Grandview and never photoed. As I approached the toe on the second sock — socks I had been knitting for quite some time FOR ME, that I had been dying to wear — I had the thought that they would make a lovely gift for my sister. DAMNNIT! Why? I then felt guilty at the thought of keeping them for myself, depriving her of their wooly goodness. The languished in my bag for 2 weeks unworn, their fate uncertain. Yeah, I’m over it.

These were made with my Woolicious Superwash Falkland wool sportweight yarn. So warm and wooly and cushy. I’ve already washed them, too and they got even softer. mmmmmm (Sorry, Sis!)

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7 Responses to Knitting?

  1. Gigi says:

    Chewie looks like he had a blast! LOL Those photos just make you grin. Congrats to the small ones on getting their next belts! (And enjoy those lovely socks. Shhhhh, we won’t tell!)

  2. Lora says:

    Yeah kids!! Congrats to both!
    Oh the socks…..well they are pretty on your feet *wink*.
    Chewie looks like he is just happy as a peach!

  3. SleepyEyes says:

    Doggies looked really cute! (and you know me…)

    LOVE the pic of the kids and the socks are wonderful! I love the name “Woolicious”!

  4. marion says:

    Woolicious socks are beautiful! I know that inner battle that happens when you want to keep something and yet want to give it away. Glad you won the struggle this time. Marion

  5. Nichole says:

    OMG, Chewie is adorable!!! Sophie had her first meeting with snow yesterday also (yes, she’s still here… 6 weeks on Friday)

    Hey, sometimes Mama’s just gotta keep the handknits for herself… they look great! 🙂

  6. Sonya says:

    Ooh socks! They look great. Just don’t tell her.
    I love to watch dogs play in the snow.
    The kiddies will be black belts in no time.

  7. Amy Boogie says:

    Look at Chewie! He’s adorable. As are your kids! I’m jealous that you have snow already. I want snow and I’m feverishly working on mittens for the day when we do have some.

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