of Halloween, Hackers, and Horrors…

So, yup, been a while. I can pretty confidently say you don’t need nor want to know about everything that has happened, but I’ll give you some high- and low-lights.
Halloween — great fun. Ain’t they cuties??

Daddy took them around the neighborhood with friends while I manned the door, after an hour of which I became paranoid that they were cold and called his cell phone to be sure I shouldn’t hunt them down with coats. He laughed me off — they were fine. Silly mommy. I was getting cold, however, sitting out on the porch, but at least I had my knitting.

As for hackers, well, some of the wildest and most fabulous (and ridiculously generous) knitters I have the pleasure of knowing and myself converged upon Grand View Lodge for a weekend of knitting, shopping, drinking and jell-o-shooting (yum), and encountered all kinds of horrors and mishaps. I, for my part, contributed to the weekend debacle by having my Paypal hacked into the moment I logged onto an unfamiliar and unsecure wireless connection. Yup, they cleaned me out. MAJOR KUDOS to Paypal, however, for speedy action. My account and money was restored by Monday evening. Definitely NOT the stress relief I was looking for, tho. You can read more about our weekend here and here. And there was more, but again, you don’t come here for the horror. You just want the knittin’.
I got little done while away — finished the Mystic Mountain socks pictured in the candy bowl above; got the duplicate stitch and bobbles on Jacob’s R2D2 hat finished, and he now proudly wears it to school everyday; I have one last thumb to put on Rachel’s mittens, started AGES ago; didn’t get to start Hip in Hemp; I did complete one sleeve of Poppy and cast on the second. I did also buy some nice Lamb’s Pride Superwash Bulky from the sale bin that is surprisingly soft and cushy. After a few tries at various stitch patterns, I settled on a reversible ribbed cable design on sz13 needles and I am really loving it.

This will be a Christmas present — lots of those in the next few weeks, I hope. I am going to cast some mitts on today to alternate back and forth from the scarf, so I don’t get too bored. I’m going to make some of my Smocked Gauntlets (see side bar) in Posh yarns cashmere from the stash for my mom-in-law. (Yes, yes, pictures later…)

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5 Responses to of Halloween, Hackers, and Horrors…

  1. SleepyEyes says:

    The kids are adorable! And I love the way that scarf is coming out…that yarn is so creamy and nice! Hope things are going better for you, H. ; )

  2. Sonya says:

    Those cables are popping!

    Cute kiddies, if mom is cold everyone must be cold. I hear ya.

  3. Nichole says:

    The kids are cute!!! But where’s the furry boys???

  4. Jackie says:

    Adorable costumes. Man your kids are cute.

  5. Nora says:

    Ooooh, cute little kiddies… Yes! I’m getting clucky!

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