…eyes, not photos, I hope. I have been diligently plugging away at the site revamping pictures and adding or deleting colors. I think it looks SOOOO much better. (Don’t you?) I added a new category, as promised, for kettle dyed yarns. I love these! The two newest are Caramel Macchiato and Sweet Baby James (I do so love me some James Taylor. Been wanting to do this one since I went to his amazing concert in August!).

The blue was so very hard to capture, even with the help of photo shop, and when I bounce form one to the other of our many computers in the house, it is a titch different (hey, look at me, making words!). Frustrating. It is gorgeous, tho — I am so pleased with it. I hope to dye some up for my next pair of socks, but these will head to the shop tomorrow, along with the Caramel M. I have so sorely neglected the Etsy shop lately. If you do want to lay claim before I list them, just give me a shout!
My next big task will be to build the fiber portion of the Sereknity site, which means lots of Photoshop work and futzing with my shop system. I KNOW there are easier ways to do things that what I have been doing, but computers are not nearly as intuitive for me as knitting and coloring. I get so frustrated with the time wasted on the NOT KNOWING. UG. I’ll get there! I have so many grand ideas for the site, and I am anxious to get them going, but I need to streamline things for it all to work. Again, I’ll get there. (I will get there, I will get there…I WILL GET THERE!….)
Wanna see something pretty? Sure you do…

Anastasia in Crush. I won’t claim the pattern has been a breeze for me. It is actually quite straightforward, with nice charts, but I am doing these 2 at a time on magic loop, and, at times, a yarn over is required at the END of a row (ie. where the needle stops before jumping from front to back). This can be done, but I very definitely forgot on at least one occasion to grab this yarn over, causing a faulty stitch count and much confusion. Also, being in my usually distracted state (I think while watching and chatting at the kid’s karate class) I managed to reverse direction on my nice little lacy spiral for one round, giving my lovely line a protruding bubble. Again, thanks to my usually distracted knitting, I am becoming quite good at the drop-down-six-rows-and-reknit-on itty-bitty-dpns technique. Why six rows? It took that long for me to realize that, even though the socks were for me and the mistake would be hidden in my shoes, it would grate on me for all eternity. And thus perfectionism rears its ugly head, but, thankfully, the results will be much nicer.

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  1. Julie says:

    Caramel Macchiato – YUMMY (both the yarn and the drink)!

    Pretty socks, too. Crush is such a deep, rich color.

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