calling all knittahs, spinnahs, and techies

Hi folks! I am trying to come up with a structure for a yarn club for Sereknity, and would like to bounce my ideas off you folks and take advantage of your collective creativity. My idea is for this to NOT be solely a sock club (get it? sole? ok…moving on…very little sleep last night…) and I was thinking of it being a yearly subscription shipping every 2 months, with various payment options. I want to incorporate all the yarns I currently offer and while there will be at least one sock pattern, I’d like to have patterns for other items for the sock yarns as well.
First — I need help on the name! I’m thinking Skein Winder Club, but that name doesn’t reflect the Sereknity moniker in any way, but I don’t want anything corny like “Happy Club” or whatever…SUGGESTIONS, PLEASE???
Second — Does that structure sound enticing to you? What else would you like to see?
Third — I’d need a design or two. There’s yarn (or fiber)in it for ya. And, when a year has passed, the rights to self publication. Or, I could publish it through the website with you receiving payment for each copy sold. I’m in it for the club pattern, not to make $$ off your design, and I love promoting my friends. I’m hoping to get to a point where I really can!
Last, I want a new look and logo for the company, and am going to start poking around on etsy, but if one of you wonderful peoples has a talent for graphic design or photography and you really, really like free yarn and fiber and/or a little scratch, give me a shout!
Thanks in advance — you guys rock.

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  1. Heather says:

    Lora told me to head over here and let you know I might be able to help you out with a logo and stuff. My website is Give me a holla if you are interested. Good luck with your project!

  2. Kendra says:

    “Purler’s Prattle”, although I guess that would be more of a hands on kind of club with the word Prattle…this came to me via my friend, Laura, who is great with names and still thinking! lol

  3. Anne says:

    I would LOVE one that isn’t just about socks – I love a lot of colors in sock yarns, and enjoy using them, but I don’t always WANT to knit socks, and I’m not that great at them! Having some other things available would make it that much more of something I’d be interested in. Other payment plans would also help a lot of folks – I know some who can’t pay it all at once. If there was a way to pre-pay for each shipment but still be ‘signed up’, it’d help, but i know that’s a risk for the seller that not everyone keeps up their end.

    Good luck!! I’ll keep checking back to see what you come up with =)

  4. chanknits says:

    I am a sock fiend, and love nothing better than a skinny, wee yarn. That being said, I’m currently doing lace with aran weight, and that’s opened my eyes. The idea of a different yarn and a different pattern sounds lovely!

  5. silly sarahs says:

    would love to join you club quickly becomeing addicted

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