Holday knits = Heather 5, Time 2

Yep, of the 7 planned and hoped for knits, 5 were completed (1 of the five admittedly after the Dec. 25th deadline, but done nonetheless) and two are still in process. The R2D2 hat is presently being worn — often I am told, and Jason received his Skully hat on Christmas morn when he made me one happy big sister by staying at my house Christmas Eve so he could wake here and be a part of the joy with the Boy and Girl. I had also completed my mother-in-law’s mitts (no final pic, darn it) and my lil sis’ scarf, seen here on the gorgeous recipient herself.

she, as it turned out, spent the holiday in Aruba with her boyfriend and his fam, which, if I had planned better, would have meant I could have put her scarf on the back-burner and finished the others, but hey, I also could have started in August if we’re gonna get picky. (hello, McFly) Slightly belated were my mother’s Loving Hands mitts, also modeled by the Gorgeous One, but I did make mom a pair of earrings to tide her over.

Those not completed were the Mosaic Mitts from the 2006 Holiday Issue of IK. I forgot to snap a pic today, and I find the color choices to be a bit lacking, but Sinead is happy with tem, so I will proceed. These are for my sis-in-law and are now nearly 1/2 done, and another pair of mitts — Smocked Gauntlets — for my hubby’s gran. The real problem here is I AM SICK OF KNITTING MITTS. So what is a girl to do? Cast on a new project and work on it obsessively until completed. I present to you, Gretel.

Oh, how I love her! I began knitting her cable portion the other day with company over and misread a bit of the crossing instructions, so there is a mistake in a crossing row, but I did the same thing all the way around, and since I had already tinked back a number of times due to distracted mis-knitting — and no, the Mike‘s had nothing to do with it — I decided to leave the weird row. I know it is there, but I can live with it, and I will definately be knitting this hat again, so it is a learning experience, right?. Right. (Right?!?) I am knitting her in some lovely Patons SWS given me by Gina, which makes the knitting even nicer, knowing the yarn was from such a great friend. It is lovely to work with, as well, although predictable a bit splitty for cable work, being a single ply, but the final fabric and the sheen and smooth softness is more that worth any trouble. The colors blend so beautifully as well. I am just tickled.
In fact, she is calling me. I will leave you now with some lovely pics of the proud Boy and Girl with their snowman, Alvin. And yes, that is a handspun, handknit scarf around his neck. Lovely tho it may be, it was torture to wear — horribly scratchy Border Leicester blend spun and knit before I knew better. I think it suits him just fine.

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4 Responses to Holday knits = Heather 5, Time 2

  1. Cheryl says:

    I love that scarf on your sister, she looks great in it!

  2. Manise says:

    Great knits all of them!

  3. Jackie says:

    OMG your kids are so gorgeous! I love all the knits, that scarf is stunning on your SIL (who is absolutely beautiful – I hate her) and the mitts are awesome.

    I’m now trolling Ravelry for beret patterns. You’re such an enabler.

  4. Sonya says:

    You did better than me…I am still knitting on a Christmas gift. Damn seed stitch scarf!

    I love your FOs.

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