(please forgive the horrid picture quality of this post — can’t find my good camera. grrr)

So, Cowgirl sock number one is finally finished (well, except for grafting the toe — shhhh!). Looks great, huh? Look again.

Seriously? WTF? This sock is BUTT UGLY LUMPY off the needles. Is it me? I was confused on a few points of the pattern, but slogged on, and am wondering if this is the problem. Plus, my short row heel is fraught with holes. Good thing I am happy with the colorway. I HAVE TO cast on #2 today or they will never get done, especially since I cast this on.

See my itty bitty toes?? I don’t know why I have avoided learning toe up socks for so long — casting on was super easy using this tutorial on These wil grow up to be Anastasia socks. The colorway is a new one for Sereknity — Crush. LOVE IT!! It is a kettle dye, so it has a much more random and subtle tone-on-tone type patterning. I’ve been very much into the kettle lately (I died up some more Crush, Pharaoh’s Gold, Rock Lobster, and Martian in various fibers). I want to perfect the colorways so I can have a complete line of tonal dyes in addition to the hand paints. Gotta work in more blues and neutrals. I am in a bit of a rut insofar as what to dye for the handpaints. Once I dye up colorway, it quickly becomes old hat to me, and I just don’t know what to make! Speak up and tell me your favorites, please! I have some Cowgirl and Blue Hawaii in the shop, and some Pumpkin Patch, Lilacs in Bloom and a few others to list. HELP!!!

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  1. Amy Boogie says:

    Mistakes? Lumps? I see nothing. The socks look good from here.

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