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quick update — I may be a hypochondriac…

Thank you everyone for your concern! It seems I had you all and myself worried for no reason. I did go to the doctor, and she gave me the all-clear. I probably just irritated the muscles with all this new, … Continue reading

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Crap. Crap. Crap.

First, let me premise my post be saying I am NOT a morning person. Not. So not. It takes me a while to rev up the mental engines. A cup of coffee, a cozy kid-snuggle, some mindless e-mail reading and … Continue reading

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Of Amanda, Jericho, Greenjeans, and long walks…

First off, I finally made an Amanda hat! Here is my lovely little model and recipient wearing her chapeau…The only mod was to go down a needle size (I am an average tension knitter) to a size 8 to create … Continue reading

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To frog, or not to frog…

So I have once again managed to mess up my knitting. yup, that old counting thing. I have no idea how, but I seemed to have been off by 10 or more (18??) when counting stitches before separating sleeves for … Continue reading

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