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I have the plague.

Get thee away from here! Save thyself! You shouldn’t even be reading this. Seriously, I feel like sh*t. Run. Away.

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Don’t believe…

…everything you see on TV. Reality shows? Blech. Let’s just say I know some things, and things have a way of getting misrepresented through creative editing. That’s all I’m sayin’. In other news, I heard from Eric, and he has … Continue reading

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Today, I am sick. Last week, it was the girl. Such is life with school age childrenI have been knitting — a new shawl — and loving it, and knitting another — Hip in Hemp — barely, and not really … Continue reading

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Blown Away

*** First, let me thank you all for your kind comments — I swear I wasn’t fishing for compliments! I was in a bit of a funk and, well, I just thought i would share in the spirit of letting … Continue reading

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Oh, such random doings, with some pretty things at the end

(For now, a little tease…if all you want is the fiber and knitting, feel free to scroll ahead…)I’ve been feeling very insecure yarn-wise lately. I keep wondering when everyone is going to discover I am a fraud. My colors really … Continue reading

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Well, I guess it’s about time…

…for the obligatory Spa post. For me, it was great. The drive up was hell, for certain — 3 white knuckle hours in the snow. Once we arrived and joined our friends, I happily handed the keys of the people … Continue reading

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