I’m so steeking excited…

I cut my first steeks! I’m so thrilled with this technique and am so glad I gave it a whirl. And you know what, I think I might actually like this little sweater. It definitely says, “Hey, look at me! I have boobs!”

(Holy crap is this a bad picture, but you get the idea.)
Thankfully, it becomes a bit more tame when worn over a nice button down shirt, as I intend it to be worn.
Here are a few picks of the big moment, after sewing the edges with the sewing machine.

I have yet to pick up the stitches for the ribbing around the armholes, but the neckline is complete. Then, I need to figure the best way to finish the messy insides, (crochet?) but they are secure, and, hey, I’ve been known not to weave in ends and just tuck them in, so who knows? It isn’t really about being lazy,just impatient. I want to wear what I’ve done!
The other reason for my great excitement is that the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival is TOMORROW! I can’t wait, and will be searching for you all there! Yippee!
Do you think someone had too much coffee this morning?

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5 Responses to I’m so steeking excited…

  1. Nichole says:

    you are one brave soul….

  2. Jackie says:

    Wow, that’s awesome! I’m too chicken to try steeks. It came out great!!

  3. Sonya says:

    Good for you! I looks great (even without sleeves).

  4. SleepyEyes says:

    Great job! You have lots of courage!

  5. Nora says:

    Very brave indeed! My heart almost stopped beating when I saw those scissors…

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