Although I don’t often discuss them here, my home is rather happily and warmly filled with company of the soft and furry kind. As I type, I am flanked on either side by my sleeping dogs, and two — nope, make that three — of the four family cats are lounging about in sight. The kitties love to “help” with my knitting by keeping my lap warm while I work at night or “guarding” the finished bits of sweater that they may find lying about by, well, lying about on them.
My darling BooBoo, the eldest of our brood, but who will forever be “my baby” as I bottle-fed and weaned him myself, has an interesting quirk. He loves shiny things. I have learned to hide my earrings and other bits of portable sparklies when removed as he has been known to steal these from my nightstand and bring them to the smooth kitchen floor for some hockey-type fun. We found quite an array under the refrigerator when we moved from our last house.
And then there is his protege, Bella, who once, as a 5 month old kitten, bit the earring straight off my ear and swallowed it, earning her a $700 trip to the ER to scope it out.
Given their history, it is a complete wonder that I sat dumbfounded staring at the blocking pieces of my Drops jacket, pins all scattered and askew.
The had been perfectly pinned.

Not an extra pin in site.

BOOBOO. From now on, the kitties get locked out of the room when anything is blocking.

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3 Responses to Saboteur

  1. Manise says:

    Hopefully none were swallowed!

  2. Marion says:

    Cats! Don’t they have a fine sense of humor.

  3. yarnophiliac says:

    Thankfully not, Manise! Although I found one on the stairs so we could have had an unpleasant foot incident had I not seen it!

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