For the past week or two, most of my free time has been spent gutting the laundry room/tool room/craft pile/junk depository that abuts the studio. I have simply become so overrun with STUFF and stock and supplies that I can hardly move. Sadly, we (my family and I) are atrocious pack rats, and we have “stored” (losely used term for throwing crap upon crap upon good stuff now turned to crap) so many odds and ends from construction are renovation that really, are they worth it? A resounding “no” is the answer. The clean-out has allowed me to expand the studio a bit, and do some hefty re-organizing, but is certainly bringing out my tendency to overthink every. little. thing. Will the dye jugs be more useful stored in the laundry area or the studio area? What about the trays? Buckets? Should they all be together or split up? Do non-yarn craft supplies even belong in the studio? but if I put them in the laundry area, does that take up too much room for the jugs? and do the jugs really belong there anyway? and what about dyed vs. un-dyed stock? and stash? and and and …
ahh! Brain explosion imminent. (And so I sit here and blog about it because I can’t make a decision. doh.)
I have at least made enough headway that I can put some semi-solids to dye in their base color baths. Finally back to the color! Most of the week will be spent skeining, but I do have some Perfect ready to go, and about 10 lbs. of Verity. Now the color decisions (oh dear, not this again). I’m thinking I need to replenish Rock Lobster and Envy, and then Dionysus (a deeep plum purple),
Purple People Eater (Brighter “true” purple), Floozy (deep, hot pink),
Coal, and Caramel macchiato are all in the running. Or maybe some Margaritaville, or Fallin’, or Forbidden Fruit?
Off to make some of those decisions! Pictures when all is said and done.
…and on the colors — input is always welcome!

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  1. Holly says:

    I know it's late, but I love the Margaritaville colorway!

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